May 25, 2022

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Benoit Briar was bitten

Benoit Briar was bitten

Benoit Briar directed his baptism during the shooting of the short film Die alive, He first unveiled it at the Les Persides Festival in Gaspe. He promised to repeat the first opportunity.

“I’m going to commit myself again. I’m directing theater and opera, so I knew I would direct one day, but without leaving the game, because I’m a stage bug,” assured Benoit Brier, currently in Percy.

For his first film, he had a golden thing on hand: the end of the life of the famous pediatrician Luke Chicoin, as his son, Jean-Franకోois, said at the holiday dinner.

Immediately, Benoit Briar saw a movie there. He had already suggested to his friend Jean-Franకోois, in collaboration with Andre Forsier, to write a screenplay. Second, in this case, he replied that he had to play with it and realize it.

“We reached the sixth bottle of wine, and I said yes,” Benoit Briar recalled, smiling.

“Fairy tale”

He did not regret it. After a few years of writing, filming was finally able to take place after the first wave of COVID-19.

According to Benoit Breyer, producer, photography director, actors (Marcel Sabourin specifically replies to him) or looking for ‘post-production’, all the pieces of the puzzle take place through magic. Team.

“This movie is like a fairy tale,” Benoit Brier stated.

An example: Esther, wife of Jean-Franకోois Chicoin, and Ellis Gilbolt Notary. Who will play Esther in this movie?

“When I asked her if she wanted to play the role of Esther, she replied: Not only do I like it, I don’t know much about her in life.”

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A person who is busy

The invention of Die alive Benoit Briar was not the only activity on his agenda during his time in Percy.

Therefore, we will see this in another short film, Rosa, Confronts Theodore Pellerin, and he also wears the jury president’s cap of this second part of Perseid.

Die alive The awards, presented by Benoit Breyer at the closing ceremony on Sunday, will be presented to the public ahead of the ceremony. Anxious about how the audience would receive his film, he said it was “to get nervous”.

  • This is a movie Like a wave, By Mary-Julie Dollar, who opened the festival on Tuesday evening. A total of 80 films from 15 countries will be screened until Sunday. To contact the program: