May 24, 2022

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Daniel Green blames Annami Paul for the fall of the Green Party | Elections Canada 2021

Daniel Green blames Annami Paul for the fall of the Green Party |  Elections Canada 2021

According to Mr. Green, the Green Party leader needs to consider her conscience without further delay. She must Recognize the responsibility for this defeat across the country, He insisted in an interview Midi Information, Mardi.

After the ballot, Greens was able to retain two seats in the House of Commons. However, support for the party fell from 6.5% in 2019 to 2.3% in 2021.

We have a party to rebuild. And now the question all Greens are asking themselves is: Can we rebuild the Green Party with Annami Paul?

A quote from:Daniel Green, Advisor to the Green Party of Canada in Quebec

According to Mr. Green, members of the Green Party saw the warning signs of this defeat. Starting with tensions and failing to divide the party Mrs. Paul spent her chief post, Shortly before the start of the campaign.

Difficult To build […] A political party when the chicken is trapped in the house, A resum M. Green.

Apart from internal conflicts over the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, issues affecting Quebec voters have not been of much interest to discuss on Ms Paul’s side.

After hearing its invitations, the Quebec section of the party decided to publish its own venue, some of which will go Against the positions defended by the Chief. Substantial differences kept Quebec candidates away from Ms Paul, especially in matters of French language protection and the recognition of Quebec as a country.

The party leadership is fully aware that we have been working since May […] To improve the Quebec program, Defended Daniel Green.

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In Law 21, in Law 96, we tried to communicate with her, he said. It’s so hard, I can even say it doesn’t exist.

According to Mr. Green, the party lost considerable support in the province, due to Ms. Paul’s negligence and lack of understanding of Quebec.

At the Ontario Riding Center in Toronto, where she spent most of her campaign, the Green Party leader outperformed Liberal candidate Marcy Ain by just 8.5% of the vote. Mrs. Paul did not have enough support to ensure her spending reimbursement.

According to the Election Act, a candidate can get partial reimbursement of election campaign expenses if he gets at least 10% of the votes in the constituency in which he is contesting.

Although she did not sit in the Commons, Annami Paul made a commitment by the end of election night Collaborate with other federal parties, Without ever solving the question of its political future.