July 6, 2022

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Les Morissette II show canceled | Tap

Les Morissette II show canceled |  Tap

Almost two years after announcing their return to the stage, Veronica Cloutier and Luis Morissette canceled their show on Tuesday. Les Morissette II. The epidemic effect on both working hours closed the “couple availability time window”.

Alexander Vignalt

Alexander Vignalt

“After several months of the epidemic, we’ve seen our dates postponed from month to month. We do not know when we will be back on stage. With so much uncertainty, Louis Morissette explains, we have come to the conclusion that this beautiful project is no longer in the world as we would like it to be.”

He said it was a “heartbreaking” decision. “It’s not a decision of the head and a decision of the heart,” Louis Morissette said in a press release sent by KOSCENE inviting theaters to consult theaters to find out more about the recent orders.

The busy agendas of Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette carry weight on display from the start Les Morissette II. As soon as it was announced, it was confirmed that the show could not be performed more than 100 times. This number may seem serious, but it takes another dimension when you remember that the first production starring this couple was screened 300 times.

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