May 28, 2022

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WHO wants to double alcohol taxes in Europe

WHO wants to double alcohol taxes in Europe

The Essential

  • According to the WHO, this financial tightening will prevent more than 10,000 new cases each year.
  • Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany are the podium countries that benefit the most from such a measure.
  • Breast and colorectal cancers are the most affected.

According to the National Cancer Institute (INC), almost 40% of cancers can be prevented. Among the risk factors, alcohol ranks second behind tobacco and is responsible for nearly 28,000 cancers each year. To fight the disaster, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday proposed doubling alcohol taxes in Europe.

Russia, United Kingdom and Germany: the main beneficiaries

According to the WHO, this financial crisis will prevent nearly 5,000 cancer deaths each year on the continent. She drew this picture from a study published in the Scientific Journal The Lancet On September 14, in which researchers assessed and evaluated the effects of such a measure. “The WHO estimates that doubling current taxes on alcoholic beverages in the European region could prevent 10,700 new cancer cases and 4,850 alcohol – related cancer deaths each year.In, refers to the European branch of the company A statement.

Existing taxes will also be considered. “Weak“Consumption by the WHO and therefore has a real impact on health. According to her, there will be doubling taxes.”High potential impact“And”Positive results in all countries”. Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany set up the podium, which prevented 725, 680 and 525 deaths respectively, according to which the highest benefit could be obtained.

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Most affected breast and colon cancer

According to the WHO, there are 4.8 million new cancer cases each year in Europe, 1.4 million, as well as 650,000 deaths directly linked to alcoholism. Of those, 180,000 cases and 85,000 deaths are directly caused by alcohol, according to the organization. Doubling the number of lives saved by taxes is of particular concern in breast cancer, with 1,000 deaths per year prevented and colorectal cancers, with 1,700 fewer deaths. Alcohol is associated with seven types of cancer: mouth, pharynx, esophagus, colorectal, liver, larynx and breast.