May 23, 2022

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Buffalo Sabers | Jack Eichel failed his medical examination and lost his captaincy title

Buffalo Sabers |  Jack Eichel failed his medical examination and lost his captaincy title

There is a stalemate between Buffalo Sabers and their star forward Jack Eichel. And not just a little bit.

Catherine Harvey-Pinard

Catherine Harvey-Pinard

Jack Eichel is no longer Buffalo Sabers captain and is now on a long-term injury list, we learned from General Manager Kevin Adams at a lengthy press conference on Thursday morning.

Aichel, who has suffered from a herniated disc in her neck since early March, failed her medical examination when training camp began this week.

Let’s know the facts: Star Player wanted to undergo a disk replacement operation for several months. No such intervention has ever taken place against a player of the National League, the organization opposes it as strongly as iron.

On Thursday, Adams told the striker he finally needed surgery. However, the team doctors propose an intervention called “fusion”, which is rejected by the player.

“We must continue to work to find a solution,” Adams said. […] What I can say is that we have full confidence in our doctors. They are medical professionals, they have been consistent since day one. ”

“I give Jack a lot of credit for doing his research and trying to figure out his options,” he says. But our doctors were clear from the start. ”

Under the collective agreement, teams make the final decision on how to treat their injured players.

In May, Ishel revealed that the feud with the Sabers casts doubt on her future.

He also switched agents in late August to be represented by the Pat Brissen firm, which includes Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Tues and Nathan McKinnon.

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“Pat Brison has been very supportive since the process began. We talk to each other several times a day. He’s the best in the business for a reason,” Adams said Thursday.


So what is the solution?

Kevin Adams has been trying to trade Aichel for the past few months, remembering that this is the second overall pick in the 2015 draft. Some rumors sent him to the New York Rangers, others to the Montreal Canadian. But they are just rumors.

“If we had a solution in the summer and we thought it would make sense, we would have done it,” Adams said. Apparently it is not so, so let’s see what we can do from here. ”

Reconstruction that began a few years ago in Buffalo – the 24-year-old center is at the heart of the main part of the three-year reconstruction. With an annual salary of US $ 10 million, he has five more seasons left on his eight-year contract. The General Manager may take the time necessary to replace it. He also wanted to do “what is best for the franchise, now or it will take time”.

The situation is unique. As Adams summed up at the press conference, we are talking about a “young” franchise player who is “uncertain about his health”.

“We’m going to do it the right way, stick to our plan. We’m not going to stress or he’s going to let people know we have to do it. We’m going to do what we believe is right.”

“We’ll keep looking at all the scenes possible,” he said shortly afterwards. There is a collective agreement for a reason. We all want to move forward together. This is where we are. We trust our doctors. I continue to ask questions, gather information, talk to leaders every day throughout the league, give them clarity, and explain our situation to them. When the right time comes and there is clarity, you will know it. ”

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Discounted player

Jack Eichel was named Buffalo Sabers captain at the start of the 2018 season at the age of 21. Since joining the circuit in 2015-16, he has amassed 355 points in 375 games.

“In our view, the captain is the heartbeat of a team, and we are in a position to make that decision,” Adams said of the decision to distance C from him on Thursday.

Sabers, now under Don Granato, miss out on Stanley Cup playoffs for 10E Season in a row, last year. They now have many good young players including Rasmus Dahlin, Casey Mittelstadt, Jack Quinn and Henry Jockey.

“They ‘re hungry players,” said Adams, “when you look them in the eye.’

The Eichel exchange will probably allow two prominent players to get on.

“He’s a franchise player, in his best years, under contract … we, as a company, have to move forward. We can not compromise on some of the things we trust, but we will work with it,” Adams said.