May 22, 2022

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Federal elections | Steven Gilbolt returns to the Commons

Federal elections |  Steven Gilbolt returns to the Commons

(Ottawa) At the end of the day, on Thursday, Brom-Mississauga continued the suspense of riding 44.E Federal elections, but the fate of Laurier-Saint-Mary was finally closed.

Lena Dib
Canadian Press

Minister Steven Gilbolt survived a second attack from New Democrat Nemo Machouf and returned to the Commons as a Laurier-Saint-Mary MP.

In the final results, the Liberal candidate for the Brom-Missique passed before the Black. Pascal Saint-Onge has 186 more votes than Marilo Alari, who has led so far. However, we have not yet completed the counting of postal votes.

Winners in five other federal rides are yet to be determined.

Of these, Saint-Hubert in Langueil-Quebec. However, Black Cubacois Denise Trudeau seems to have announced the winner in advance.

On Wednesday, with the election of black candidate Rene Willemure, the fate of the Trois-Riviers closed. The city’s former mayor, Yves LaVesque, has once again failed in his attempt to become a Conservative MP in Ottawa.

However, with only 93 votes separating the two, we can see recounting. It will not be automatic, because it is more than a thousandth of the 57,990 votes cast by a majority. However, one of the losing candidates may ask.

Elsewhere in the country, four counties in British Columbia are still waiting for the final result.

As of Thursday afternoon, there was still waiting for a winner in two counties in Kitchener and the Niagara Center, with the Liberal candidates winning.

On Monday night, Canadians re-elected Justin Trudeau Liberals for a second minority term.

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Of the 332 riders whose results were known, the winners were divided as follows: 155 Liberals, 119 Conservatives, 32 Black, 24 New Democrats and two Greens.