May 27, 2022

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Prince Andrew has admitted to being in a sexual harassment complaint

Prince Andrew has admitted to being in a sexual harassment complaint

(New York) Prince Andrew, the target of a complaint in New York for sexual harassment, has admitted that he is now facing a formal trial as part of an investigation into the sexual crimes of an American financier who died in prison. To a document from the American legal system.

In this case, which caused much embarrassment to the British royal family, the second son of Queen Elizabeth was publicly convicted of sexual harassment by an American. In early August, the woman, Virginia Giffrey, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court for facts that happened when she was a minor 20 years ago.

The complaint, dated August 9, was formally delivered at the Windsor Royal residence on August 27, in Prince Andrew’s absence, but he competed for ten days for official delivery and notification.

According to court documents contacted by the AFP on Friday, the Duke of York finally agreed that the complaint was genuine and had been formally handed over to him. His attorneys and his defendant agreed that the complaint notification was dated September 21 (and no longer until August 27).

Prince Andrew, 61, has until October 29 to respond.

M According to the complaintTo me Giffrey, one of the “most powerful men” in the world, was charged with sexually assaulting her between 2000 and 2002, before financier Jeffrey was charged with felony sexual misconduct before taking his own life in Manhattan prison in the summer of 2019. Were arrested.

Prince Andrew, who has categorically denied the allegations, suspects Virginia Giffrey of being “sexually harassed” on three occasions: in London, at the home of Jeffrey Epstein, Gislene Maxwell’s closest acquaintance, and in New York and the Virgin Islands.

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Prince Andrew gave an interview to the BBC in November 2019 that he considered dangerous, where he did not express the slightest sympathy for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein or his victims.

He expressed doubts about the authenticity of the photo with Virginia Gifre, and in the background, Gissine Maxwell, who is still in jail, will begin his trial on November 29 in New York. Despite his rejection, his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein caused him turmoil and he had to retire from public life.