July 5, 2022

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The role of Nick Suzuki has grown

The role of Nick Suzuki has grown

Dominic Ducherme reiterated what Mark Bergewin had said over the summer: No one will replace Shea Weber as Canadians captain. However, there will be additional assistants.

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One of them is Nick Suzuki. At 22, Striker Hubs will become one of the youngest players in history to wear this leadership symbol.

“It’s important to include young people in our leadership team. We saw the way he behaved in important moments. He performed at the playoffs last year and last season,” Ducharm said in a statement.

Nick Suzuki becomes the youngest person in CH history to wear the letter to the left of his jersey.

Photo by Martin Chevalier

Nick Suzuki becomes the youngest person in CH history to wear the letter to the left of his jersey.

During his press briefing, the Canadians head coach stated that Brendan Gallagher was the only team to have embroidered this letter on his jersey for 82 games on the regular calendar.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We probably know when the Canadian management will make an official announcement about the lucky ones.

Weber’s impression

Last season, Jeff Petrie, Paul Byron and Corey Perry joined Gallagher as assistant captains. But Perry is now wearing a lightning jersey and Byron will miss some part of the season with hip surgery.

“Being part of a team of leaders does not change who I am. Lead by example, give me everything I can in matches and training. As a young player, I have to choose when to speak,” Antarion said.

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Weber has not jumped on the ice with his teammates this 82 game season. But his shadow will be on the team.

By getting PK Subban instead, Bergevin argues that a certain culture should be nurtured in the organization. He seems to understand correctly.

“He is an incredible leader. He shows the same respect to all of the equipment attendants, his teammates, coaches, the media. I have learned a lot from him and will use that practice throughout my career.”

With Tofoli and Cowfield

Not only in the role of leader, Suzuki sees its responsibilities grow. The departure of Philip Donald will give him the number one role on the team.

“I want to kill more penalties, I want to play against other teams’ best lines. I have a little experience on this side, but I have to have confidence in this role,” Suzuki said. “I want to take the next step in the face-off circle. I worked a lot on that aspect of the game.

It was only the first day of training camp, so it was worth it. However, Suzuki has teamed up with Tyler Tofoli and Cole Cofield.

As Ducharme explained at the end of the training session, “We brought them together because we had some unity.” We found that Suzuki and Cofield already had great chemistry. Suzuki and Topoli also showed the same. And, the three of them did well together in the playoffs. “

“It’s a pleasure to be in the same trio. The two of us get along well. And not just on the ice. I hope we stay together throughout the camp and throughout the season,” Suzuki said.

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The drone moves well

With corresponding crops of 44 and 41 points, Topoli and Suzuki were the two most productive forwards for Canadians last season. In the playoffs, Cofield joined them on the team’s best scorers. Therefore, expectations are likely to be higher.

“We hope we produce dangerously. I put this pressure on myself, I don’t have to take it from anyone else. I can not wait to accept this challenge this season,” Cofield said.

Other lines to note over the next few days include Jonathan Droin, Christian Dvorak and Josh Anderson.

“I loved what I saw about Joe. He has a good level of energy, analyzed the Canadians coach. He’s moving well. We’ll see his skills come out when he’s like that. I want him to continue like this.”

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