July 5, 2022

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Costco will again restrict toilet paper purchases

Costco will again restrict toilet paper purchases

Once again, the Costco supermarket chain on Friday imposed a purchase limit on toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning products.

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The epidemic and the Delta variant can be attributed to increasing demand, but this is not the only factor that has forced this limitation. Shortages of truckers, delivery trucks and containers greatly limit store inventory.

“Many major brands are asking for more delivery times and in some cases are having trouble locating drivers and trucks in less time,” said Richard Galanti, CFO and Vice President, during the company’s financial results launch on Thursday evening.

By 2020, Costco will be out of stock in many places around the world. Did not leave the shops in the province.

“When I arrived, I saw there was a bit of panic in the public. It’s a little scary, I agree. But with toilet paper and Scott towels, it has to be fine,” Costco Vadroil client told TVA Novels reporter.

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