May 20, 2022

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Finance Minister simply “effective”

Finance Minister simply "effective"

Compared to Maurice Duplessis in recent days, Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt called it the “first effective left” used in 2003.

And his finance minister, Pierre FitzGibbon, who should lead the many files and ensure Quebec’s economic recovery? Did he also come from an “effective left” as prime minister?

“I, I am competent”, just started the main interested party. “Effective from the left?” He asked. He nodded, but did not give a further explanation.

Business community, more on the right

In general, businessmen, like Minister FitzGibbon, claim that they are more right-wing. This is the label that has been attached since the creation of the Alliance Future Quebec (CAQ). We often see the party founded by Mr. Legalt as more traditional, especially on identity and financial issues.

In addition, the proximity between business people and the CAQ no longer needs to be demonstrated. When Mr. FitzGibbon announced his resignation last June, the community had an epidermal reaction. “I tell you, we can not overcome it,” said Michelle LeBlanc of the Montreal Montreal Chamber of Commerce (CCMM).

Legalt, more social democrat?

Moreover, even though Prime Minister Legalt was a businessman, his former colleagues never considered him the right person. He is more social-
A democrat who believes in government intervention in the economy.

“When party Cubacois was looking for him after Air Transat, it did not come by saying we were going to cut taxes on the contrary. His economic thinking is the strength of the state’s existence,” former minister Stefan Bedard emphasized at an event. The Joost Last year.

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When questioned by the QMI agency, historian Eric Bedard had the same analysis. “His vision is to never tear down the state,” he believes.

“Since he is prime minister, I cannot say I have seen a change in perspective,” he said.