May 22, 2022

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Anti-vaccination stopped in municipal court

Anti-vaccination stopped in municipal court

An anti-sanitation movement leader was arrested on Tuesday on a warrant issued for refusing to wear a mask while facing trial for obstructing police work.

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“If he does not, there will be a warrant [d’arrestation], How it works, ”Judge Mark Alain told the Montreal Municipal Court on Tuesday in the case of Franకోois Amalega Bitondo.

The 43-year-old vaccine activist, known for his protests in front of schools, was in court in March for police obstruction at a grocery store. For refusing to wear a mask, he was expelled from the premises, and for refusing to show obedience to the police, he was arrested and then charged with obstruction.

Bitondo as Franకోois Amalega

What medical condition?

His trial is set to begin on Tuesday. Upon arrival, he showed that it was a “medical condition” to enter the building without a mask.

Waiting for his turn before the judge, he discussed at length with a commentator that he appreciated his masked opposition position. She lowered herself before bringing the order through security.

When security discovered that the medical excuse was a hoax and the accused talked about a “state of conscience” he was removed from there.

“If he’s not wearing a mask, you have instructions, you must do it,” the judge told security personnel.

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Bulk tickets

A former math teacher waiting outside the Gosford Street building was arrested late this afternoon. He is expected to attend on Wednesday.

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In addition to being charged with obstructing a peace officer, Franకోois Amalega will collect 27 tickets under the Bitondo Public Health Act, at a total cost of $ 41,742 at a minimum of $ 1,546.

In recent weeks, he has been filming himself regularly in front of schools, with a megaphone in hand and a loud speech urging young people not to accept the Kovid-19 vaccine.

Even passing a law banning demonstrations within 50 meters of schools, daycare and hospitals does not cool him, because he said he should continue.