June 26, 2022

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Reform of Act 101: Citizens of both communities, condemned the English-speaking alliance

Reform of Act 101: Citizens of both communities, condemned the English-speaking alliance

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) stated in full charge against the Legalt government policy on French defense that Bill 101’s version would create a “remarkable” and another “foreign” group.

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QCGN Abbreviation Bill 96 qualifies as “extremely problematic”, which “disturbs social and linguistic peace”.

“Like Bill 21, it will undoubtedly restructure Quebec law and society to form a” special “group and a group of” foreigners, “the group testified in a parliamentary committee on Tuesday.

The QCGN government has been criticized for wanting to reserve priority access to public services in English – as well as English-speaking CEGEPs – for the historic English-speaking minority.

Instead, the group believes that everyone can identify themselves as members of the English-speaking community, including newcomers. The authors write that “joining a particular identity or community is a decision of individuals, not of the state.”

Health care

Access to health care in English is of particular concern to the Coalition, which believes that only one member of the historic community will be eligible once official proof is submitted.

“The tools that prove eligibility in a democratic and liberal society are unpleasant and reminiscent of documentation requirements or criteria for imposing discriminatory and less effective treatment,” he said succinctly.

In a parliamentary committee, Simon Jolene-Barrett, the minister responsible for the file, made it clear that reform would not apply to health care, which did not reassure QCGN President Marilyn Jennings.

Withdraw the bill

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The Coalition recommends the complete repeal of Bill 96. Otherwise, the group is proposing a series of significant amendments, including the withdrawal of the barrier clause that protects the reform from all legal challenges.

The Legalt government, which adds QCGN, must also submit to the Quebec Court of Appeal an amendment it wants to make to the Canadian constitution to recognize that Quebec is a French language.