December 6, 2023

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The new federal holiday is sowing chaos

The new federal holiday is sowing chaos

The Justin Trudeau government is creating confusion among new vacation owners and employees who voted to commemorate the sad reality of residential schools.

Although Quebec and Ontario do not add the holiday to their schedules, companies that comply with federal labor standards must respect it.

In the port of Montreal, 250 Port Authority employees are on leave today. But not tank tops. The Association of Maritime Employers (AEM) does not even have their leaders.

AEM replied, “The supply chain will not stop,” denying the holiday to longshoremen.

“They don’t want to pay double,” alleged Martin Lapierre, president of the Long Shoremen’s Union.

Group Ocean, of which National Defense is one of the most important clients, is not responsible for providing it. The shipping company decided to do it … tomorrow, as in the Quebec port.

Deszardins and Simons are closing

Generally speaking, the Quebec Employers Council is vague.

For his employer Carl Blackburn, “September 30 is so much more than a holiday for employees.”

Chartered banks will be closed today. It was not the Desjardins who still closed their branches in Quebec, Ontario.

Simons Stores decided to give the holiday to everyone in Canada. Others include Quebec-listed iA Financial Group listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

“We are not in favor of adding legal holidays in Quebec for any reason,” Quebec Premier Franకోois Legalt said in June.

Bisbil in the National Assembly

In Quebec, only the future Quebec of the Alliance thinks so.

“In Quebec, there should not even be two holiday calendars,” said Paul Saint-Pierre Plumandon, the party’s Cubacois leader.

At Quebec Solidair, Manon Massey wonders “Mr. Legalt does not want another holiday because he lives in any world” and why he misses the “opportunity to recall the First Nations reality”. “

“Beyond words”, Dominic Anglade and the Liberal Party of Quebec add, “We must respect the aboriginal people and take action now”.

I. September 30


Hydro-Quebec, Lotto-Quebec, SAQ

CN and CP (excluding offices)

Most businesses in Quebec


  • All Banks and Causes Desjardins
  • Canada Post, Employment Insurance Offices
  • Simons House

National Day Truth and Reconciliation

From today, September 30 is dedicated to the memory of victims of residential schools in Canada. This new federal holiday was created thanks to a new law passed by the Liberal government this spring. There are approximately 19,000 employers and 1 million employees in federal jurisdiction in Canada.

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