May 28, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Hot Wheels, Riding is not a toy

Pyrenees Gaming: Hot Wheels, Riding is not a toy

The legendary Mattel buggies are the stars of Hot Wheels Unleashed, but the supercharged racing game is very repetitive.

What if your childhood carts came to life in front of you? With the release of Hot Wheels on the PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC, the scene was well used in cartoons and animated films many years ago after the Micro Machine or Toy Commander.

The arcade is in its purest form

Just like our childhood cars, there will be a question of race behind the wheel of the famous wagons from Mattel. Toy multinational fans will be in heaven as the Hot Wheels universe is fully reproduced. The circuits and cars are fully connected, which allows you to immerse yourself in the adventure without worrying whether you are still playing small cars or not.

First observation: Gameplay in hand Joystick Instant: Everything is done to provide a game that can be played from the beginning. Created in 1968 in the United States, small carts are finger and eye responsive, allowing everyone to find what they are looking for. Speed, break, turn, we’re here in pure arcade, the bias that the developers expected at the milestone.

We found several game modes. The solo City Rumble offers almost fifty events. Again, easy to access, however, we regret to somehow repeat playing alone in this title.

The editorial team will advise you

Because Hot Wheels have all the meanings along with being Unleashed. Online or locally, the title gives a lot of laughs. And if it does not have the entertainment of a Mario kart, it will allow you to experience thrilling races. To improve all this, the game has a specially successful circuit editor. It is possible to share his creation on the internet which will definitely strengthen life.

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Vehicles that are sometimes complicated to get

Let’s also underline the beautiful types of cars we can control. Thousands of references have been sold since the brand’s inception, and Milestone only had to dig into Mattel’s stately catalog to please the player.

Vehicles that can be obtained thanks to secret boxes do not know in advance what is in them. Sometimes a very frustrating situation because we risk ending up with doubles or triples quickly. Getting your dream car back is actually quite difficult.

If the player insists on it, he has to go through a virtual store through which he can buy them with virtual money, which he can replace himself by withdrawing his credit card. We prefer a system that rewards the player rather than the player …

Yet the landmark title remains the most enjoyable game in terms of playability. Despite a certain repetition in the solo, he was “saved” by the successful multiplayer and circuit editor, who regularly renewed his interest.

Hot Wheels Unleashed, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC. 49.99 euros.