May 18, 2022

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Green Party | Elizabeth May broke her silence

Green Party |  Elizabeth May broke her silence

(Ottawa) Former Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May has asked current leader Annami Paul to lift the silence imposed on her.

Catherine Levesque
Canadian Press

In an open letter published by the newspaper Toronto Star, MTo me M is how good it isTo me Paul held a press conference last week in which she announced her resignation from the party leadership, which was not yet complete. M.To me M handles itTo me Paul is reported to have told the party’s Federal Council that she had not resigned from the leadership.

M.To me May also revealed in this open letter.To me Paul was in control of party communications. M.To me May also said he had received a strong instruction not to speak to the media. This is the same reason why the former boss rejected all requests made for interviews on Mr. Leadership.To me Paul so far, the staff at the current boss have criticized her for her silence.

Last Thursday, on the first National Truth and Reconciliation Day, Mr.To me M handles itTo me Paul was banned from making a statement on behalf of the Green Party’s new president, Lorraine Reckmans, an indigenous woman. At this point mTo me May decided to speak up despite hints from MTo me Paul to his place.

M.To me M can be orderedTo me Paul leaves as soon as possible for the prosperity of the Green Party. She said the Greens had “no time to waste” on rebuilding the party after the deadly results of the last election.To me The racism alleged by Paul in the Green Party deserves a full trial.

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M.To me May maintained that she had no plans to become an interim party leader while waiting for another leadership race.