November 27, 2022

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Polyvalent Belanger and Saint-Franకోois mobilize for smoke-free generation

Polyvalent Belanger and Saint-Franకోois mobilize for smoke-free generation

Polyvalents Belanger (Saint-Martin) and Saint-Franకోois (Boucheville) have announced that they are implementing a strategy for a smoke-free generation that will take effect today.

This strategy was implemented as part of the project Smoke Free Generation Plan (PGSF) The Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health (CQTS) and is primarily responsible for enforcing measures. Tobacco law, To prevent the onset of smoking and vomiting as well as to support students and staff who want to get out of their nicotine addiction.

CQTS is seriously concerned about the growing popularity of smoking and vaping among young people. By participating in the Smoke-Free Generation Plan, schools are taking drastic measures to curb smoking and smoking, in addition to encouraging quitting among young people already suffering from smoking addiction. Nicotine Said Annie Papaziorgio, executive director of the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health.

The full smoking profile of the two high schools was designed to contribute to the fight against smoking and vaping and to set clear goals to provide a smoke-free environment for both organizations.

Although Polyvalent Belanger offers a smoke-free living environment, it wants to further contribute to the fight against smoking, which remains a public health priority in Quebec. The school wants to apply the law on the fight against smoking and prevent it by informing young people and refusing smoking and vaping.

Polyvalent Belanger is proud to be a part of this project. We care about the well-being and health of our students and school staff. Therefore, we will set up the necessary tools to support the school in smoking prevention. », Alexander Bailey, announced as Deputy Director of Polyvalent Belanger.

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Polyvalent Saint-Franకోois, for its part, wants to encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and provide a healthy and safe environment for its students. The school seeks to address issues such as prevention, smoking cessation and tobacco law enforcement. In the short term, it is important to raise awareness about the dangers associated with smoking, but in the media, it wants to support students to quit tobacco and vaping products and eventually become a smoke-free school.

We feel it is important to formulate an action plan to educate our youth about the dangers of tobacco and vaping products. We take the data revealed by our smoking profile very seriously. We want to do our part in the smoke free generation plan , Noted Anne Begin, PS-F Director.

Effects of vaping on academic success
On her return to school, the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health (CQTS) today reaffirmed the dangers posed by waping among young people through an awareness campaign.

Concerned that the population will underestimate the effects of these products, Fifty Schools participating in the CQTS and Smoke-Free Generation Plan reminds us that addiction to vaping products can have a real impact on young people, especially on their academic success.