May 22, 2022

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Is the end of the Jack Eichel saga coming soon?

Is the end of the Jack Eichel saga coming soon?

As teams interested in his services have new information on forward Jack Eichel‌, it may help to conclude a deal with Buffalo Sabers in the near future.

The TSN network clarified on Wednesday that the case is likely to be unblocked soon. According to this source, the ongoing discussions and access to some medical data related to Sabers Color Bearer have allowed the relevant clubs to see more clearly. “Both sides hope that one of the competing companies can do something with each other,” the channel said.

Eichel is evident in the buffalo siding. He lost his captaincy a few weeks ago and despite suffering a neck injury, was unable to meet the requirements during the physical exams at the start of training camp. The American has been with the Dragers with Saber since last season, during which time he requested an operation for the treatment of a herniated disc; For that, training has always ruled out this opportunity.

Also, the hockey player showed up with his agents Peter Fish and Peter Donatelli in partnership with Pat Brison in August. His contract is still valid for five years at a rate of $ 10 million per campaign. For the last four, the contract contains a non-movement clause.

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