December 8, 2022

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Baseball: Montreal is talked about in the “Wall Street Journal”

Baseball: Montreal is talked about in the "Wall Street Journal"

The future of the Tampa Bay Race franchise and the concept of sister cities involving Montreal have been making headlines in recent weeks and are now ambitious Wall Street Journal Joins.

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Quebec baseball fans who have long hoped for a return to major league baseball for Montreal will definitely be interested to find out if a text on the Daily website dedicated to Friday morning news deserves this topic.

Therefore, the article confirms that the Club believes that the time division between Florida and Canada in Tampa is necessary, with statements made with the support of President Brian Ald. The leader also tried last Friday to persuade people who heard him speak at a local restaurant.

“Today we have determined that it is almost impossible to hold a full season baseball at Tampa Bay,” Ald told the crowd.

A paradox

The newspaper recalled the Rays’ victories on the field, stating that the Rays wanted to go half the 1500 miles in their local games, dominating the eastern division of the American League in 2021 after participating in the World Series. Year.

However, the media discusses the company’s problems outside the playing area, recalling, among other things, the low traffic at the games played on Tropicana Field‌; Race announced Thursday that 27,419 spectators are watching the opening duel of the winning division series against the Boston Red Sox.

“The situation certainly shows the strange duality of the existence of rays, one writes Wall Street Journal. On the pitch, they have their 20-year-old sensation, the powerhouse led by shortstop Vander Franco. Despite being consistently on the lowest payrolls in the sport, Race has won more games since 2008 than any other team in the American League.

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“Outside the field, however, Tampa Bay is a mess. The beams are on aid or last year. […] Tropicana Field, nicknamed “Trope”, is the only stadium in the Major that still has a fixed roof and is obsolete. It is a dark and dark dome with a collection of bizarre walkways on the roof. Slugger Nelson Cruz hit one of them with the ball on Thursday, and everyone had to seriously consider the strict rules regarding the stadium. We have confirmed that this is a circuit. ”

Have an Open Mind …

As with the last-minute exposure in Montreal in the early 2000s, the area where the current beams reside in St. Petersburg and its distance from the most populated area have been criticized. .

“We did not lose the mark of a few thousand people overnight. However, we are less than halfway to being a great team,” Ldld said. “Sister City Plan is likely to be heard through Open Minds.”

At the end of his text, the Wall Street Journal Tropicana claims their lease on the field will end after the 2027 campaign, stating that “the rays are approaching crossroads”. And to realize the partnership plan with Montreal, it is necessary to build two small stadiums without a roof.

Also, a few days ago, the Tampa Bay Times Before the company sold its land Kforce indicated it was showing more interest in a site in the Ybor City district where the company is headquartered.