May 19, 2022

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Test: Empire Gaming X-Blades

Test: Empire Gaming X-Blades

I am working very hard to write this article. It’s not X-Blades Mouse from Empire Gaming Bad, but like all other products of the brand, It is simple and efficient. I’ll stop there, right?


Rat X-blades The latest addition to the range of manufacturers, including Hellscout, Hellhounds and Hellfire. Quick glance gives you a quick look at the Empire gaming site An overview of the most important difference between these three rats and those that occupy us today. But since I’m not here to point you to a merchant site, I will explain it here. We will notice it soon X-blades and a very sober, wired gaming mouse have good taste to be ambiguous. And with 170 cm braided cable, Is enough for us to forget that we are playing with a thread. We only regret it Lack of grip On the sides, the mouse is completely in soft plastic.

Its shape is perfectly symmetrical And it has two configurable buttons on each side, one click wheel (but not left or right) and a single button to switch from one sensitivity to another. It is recognized at this level that it hasProgrammable sensor up to 6400 DPI And response rate up to 1000 Hz.

Visually, She was smart, black And the glowing logo is at its base and on each side of the mouse, at the height of the braided cable. A small button under the mouse allows you6 Activate pre-defined light effects or turn them off, The glowing border runs on each side of the appendage, joining it Crossing On both sides. Aesthetically I must say I like this type of mouse a lot more than tools with more ergonomic and sometimes unnecessarily extravagant shapes. The X-Blades are a glowing mouse but do not shine much when given many effects.

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Its format 12.2 4. 6.3 cm. 4.1 cm Specially suited for use ” Claw »Relax and here I say I can not extend much: it is a functional mouse, light ambiguity and easy to use, RGB products that will not let you think about other Christmas brightness with a weird little touch.

Note that this is also possible Download software dedicated to its customization, Macros, DPI levels, it is possible to organize light shows through two profiles. All buttons are configurable through integrated modules such as Media Management, Rapid Fire keys or polling frequency, functions dedicated to Internet browsing and other options. It can be noticed If you equip yourself in Empire Gaming, you must download a program for each device.. These drivers are pure executable, they do not require installation, but you should be able to navigate!

Empire Gaming X-Blades


In short

I will not dwell much on this product, because you understand it, I appreciate this new mouse that is intelligent, practical and aesthetic at the same time From Empire Gaming. Like their other products, the X-Blades have everything you need without overdoing it. Its customization software is undoubtedly highly ergonomic and we appreciate that one day the brand has developed its own hub to integrate all of these, but it is almostHighly recommended plug-and-play gaming mouse priced at less than 25!