May 17, 2022

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Kaiden Guhley could not do worse than Alexander Romanov, GIC says

Kaiden Guhley could not do worse than Alexander Romanov, GIC says

A few days before the start of the regular season, several question marks will continue in the Canadian entourage, especially at the Blue Line. The big hole defense involves decisions for the injured and the coaching staff.

Who will play to the left of Petrie? Who will play against the third pair?

Kaiden Guhley, Alexander Romanov, Brett Kulak and Chris Wideman will fight for the three vacancies. One post on the left of Petrie and two posts on the third pair‌.

The day before yesterday, Stefan Waite Guhley said he was going to train by default, but I do not necessarily agree with the fact that he is the only inexperienced person in the NHL. And you can not throw him into the wolf’s mouth and transfer him to the left side of Petrie on the first day. Although we did exactly the same with Victor Meeto …

Romanov seems to be (by default) the best choice to play with Petrie, but he is no better than Guhle. In fact, Jean-Charles Lazoy now believes that Guhle could not have done worse than the Russian.

It is unclear how many weeks (or days) Joel Edmondson will miss, but I’m already looking forward to his return.

Romanov’s game with former goaltender Eric Fichad senators is expected to represent his career: a good start, but the rest is difficult.

This match marks a part of his career. He is playing a good first period and he has two assists. But in the second half, he was everywhere. He had some brain numbness and was forced to hit on a target. – Eric Fichad

Does he want to do more on the ice? This often happens in the case of young defenders.

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Former CH player Alexander Picard believes Dominic Ducarme needs Romanov this season, especially at the beginning of the year.

JiC, he proposed a solution to “screw” Romanov on the third pair or to play with Guhle. However, who will play with Jeff Petrie? Brett Kulak? Chris Wideman?

In short, Dacharme has to make big decisions.

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