May 30, 2023

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Czech President Zeman is in intensive care

Czech President Zeman is in intensive care

Czech President Milos Zeman was hospitalized and placed in intensive care on Sunday, his doctor announced the day after parliamentary elections in his country.

“Currently, the patient is hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Military University Hospital in Prague,” Dr. Miroslav Zavoral told reporters that he could not yet provide information on the diagnosis.

Photo by Peter David Josek, Associated Press

Milos Zeman was admitted to the University Military Hospital in Prague.

Mr. Zaman was admitted to the hospital shortly after meeting his main friend, the billionaire popular Andreas Babis.

The country was shocked by the announcement of the results of Bobbies, who won 27.14% of the vote in his party, or Peter Fiala, who won 27.78% of the vote, to elect the next president.

Mr. Zeman, who had been ill for some time, began by receiving Mr. Bobby on Sunday morning. But soon, it was announced that he needed to be hospitalized urgently, which put the process of appointing a new government in jeopardy.

If the Anti-System Pirate Party and the Mayors and Independents (STAN) form a large coalition, the Opposition Coalition (Center-Right) will have a 108-seat majority in Parliament (of which 200 are elected).

Together with the Civic Democratic Party (right), TOP 09 (Center Right) and the Christian Democratic Union (Center), they received 27.78% of the vote, while Mr. Bobbies (27)’s popular movement ANO pre-breath, 14%).

First, partial results published by the official election site suggest that, according to the poll, the outgoing prime minister has a comfortable majority. But the gap then melted away and the result changed with the counting of votes in the big cities to create the final surprise.

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The ensemble leader, Peter Fiala, defended himself on Saturday evening to form the next government, announcing that there was a “strong” mandate. “The president should take this into account,” he insisted.

Photo by Milan Commermeyer, owners

Ensemble leader Peter Fiala

Constitutionally, the appointment of a new Prime Minister is a matter for the President. However, before the ballot, Milan Zaman suggested that Mr. Babis be elected.

Sick, this pro-Russian president had to vote from home, meeting with Mr Bobies for informal talks on Sunday morning, ahead of an official meeting on Wednesday, according to his entourage.

Photo by Bernardette Zjabo, owners

Retired Prime Minister Andrzej Babis

The head of state also promised to order the party leader to gather a majority rather than a coalition leader. “I do not see much reason for him to do anything else,” AFP Thomas Lebeda, an analyst at Palaki University in Olomouc, east of the country, confirmed.

“We’ll see what the president says,” Mr. Bobbis said. “I am the manager, my position is in the government,” he insisted in front of journalists.