July 7, 2022

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The Texas governor has banned mandatory vaccinations in the state

The Texas governor has banned mandatory vaccinations in the state

(Washington) Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday announced that all companies, including private companies in his state, will be banned from imposing the vaccine requirement on their employees or consumers.

“The Kovid-19 vaccine is safe, effective and our best defense against the virus, but it should always be voluntary and not forced,” he tweeted.

In his tweet, he released a press release announcing the executive order approved by the governor, which states that “no organization in Texas is obliged to vaccinate an individual, including an employee or consumer, against Kovid-19 for any reason. It is established for personal conscience, religious belief or medical reasons.” .

The move comes a month after Joe Biden said vaccinations were mandatory for nearly 100 million workers, federal government officials and private sector employees.

His statement caused a stir among Republicans, who threatened to take legal action in the name of personal liberty.

Mr Abbott was reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 in August after attending a public indoor event. The governor was fully vaccinated.

While these decisions against things like vaccinations and wearing masks gained him the support of supporters of former President Donald Trump, they met with fierce criticism from Texas Democrats.

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