May 23, 2022

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Brady Tkachuk will never come back

Brady Tkachuk will never come back

Ottawa senators began their campaign on Thursday and their team has a gap in the attack as Brady Tkachuk has not yet signed with the company.

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The compensated free agent will be sidelined in Thursday’s opening game with the 22-year-old Toronto Maple Leafs. This is definitely bad news for head coach DJ Smith, who will have to ask his troops more to make up for the American absence.

And although he will be joining the club in the coming days, it will take some time to bring him into the regular squad and use him in the National League (NHL) games.

“He did not play the first part. […] A few days before the game, he was still in the United States. Without him we would have composed. Someone has to stand up and be good. There will be someone who is not in training, ”Smith said Tuesday, the Daily reported. Ottawa sun.

“I told the players that I was this little league guy, he often went back and forth [avec la LNH]. You are at home and you think you can do what this guy is doing. Well, now is your chance. Everyone in this locker room has the skill to accomplish what other people usually do. Some people have this opportunity and if they do well, they will stay the same. ”

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Preparations for refining

In the last 10 days “Sense” and Takachuk have held talks a few times. Meanwhile, the hockey player is fit at Ann Arbor in Mitch. And is working with the United States National Development Team, but it will take more time to speed him up once he signs up.

“It’s up to him to see what he looks like, what we’ll see immediately. However, he’s probably 7-10 days before he’s going to play. It’s very difficult to lose. “

“It doesn’t matter where you skate, and if you do not do it with NHL players, it will take some time to level up and move forward,” he continued. I don’t want to put him in a dangerous position, but if he is there, he is a good hockey player. As soon as he appears, we see that he is in good condition and we allow him to prepare. “

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