February 23, 2024

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Gosselin wants the 3rd … and 4th link between Quebec and Lévis

Gosselin wants the 3rd ... and 4th link between Quebec and Lévis

Quebec mayoral candidate Jean-Franకోois Gosselin asks for a tunnel for buses between downtown Quebec and Lewis and another interconnecting highway link in the east.

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The Quebec 21 leader made the unexpected announcement during an announcement in Wall-Belar‌ on Wednesday morning. Not only did he ask the Legal government to study the construction of a tunnel specifically reserved for public transport connecting Quebec City and Lewis city centers, he also wanted to consider ‘another highway infrastructure – a bridge or structure. Tunnel – This connects the north coast and the south coast, east of the mainland and passes through the Ole de Orleans.

“Highway portion, which we hope will go east. And as Queen of Quebec, I campaign to work with the government.”

Although he did not use the expression “fourth link”, the leader of Quebec 21 on several occasions confirmed when asked if his project involved building two new infrastructure, i.e. two. Tunnels, i.e. a tunnel and a bridge.

Protect the city center

He believes that it is also the will of the citizens. “I heard a lot on the pitch,” he said. People told us: “We’re for the Quebec-Lewis Tunnel. We’m not sure about the highway exit in downtown Quebec.”

He thinks the tunnel alone is possible to reach the two city centers. “In the east, I allowed the Department of Transportation to determine whether it was a tunnel or a bridge.”

On the cost of the two major infrastructure and the ability to pay for Quebecars, he argues that two links are the cheapest solution instead of the “massive” tunnel route that allows buses and vehicles to go. “But again, I’m not an engineer. We leave it to the government to decide. These are the choices that the government has to make between a large tunnel or a small tunnel. “The government project is estimated to be between $ 6 billion and $ 10 billion.

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Regarding the citizens of Ele de Orleans affected by the construction of the bridge, he said: “I represent the citizens of the city of Quebec. Ele elected officials of Ele de Orleans represent their citizens.

Later, Mr. Gosselin himself contacted the Le Journal to try to qualify his comments. He wanted to add that diverting car traffic from the main tunnel into a tunnel going east to the city was another solution.

He confirms that the proposal was not made to secure votes in his stronghold of Beaufort.

In May 2020, in the wake of the Mr. Gosselin pandemic, it was necessary to question the ance image of very expensive mega projects such as the Third Link. He now says that because the government chose to go ahead anyway, it was standing behind its choice.

He was a “good smoker”

Responding to the excursion, candidate Jackie Smith said, “Mr. Gosselin smokes well. “” It’s ridiculous, we do not need 3E Link, a 4 onlyE. ⁇

She estimates that she will respond to her opponent’s polling, which will give her less than 20% of voting intentions.

“I think it’s an election gesture to pitch foresight and baseless ideas [sur la science] Trying to skate and please his electoral base, ”the candidate argued.

Transport Minister Franకోois Bonnardell did not want to jump into the debate and said: “I will not comment on the candidates’ nominations for Quebec mayor. We proposed a project that would be interesting with REC [Réseau express de la capitale]. It is accepted by many people. We saw the polls confirming it. ”

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Rousseau was ridiculed

Called to respond Wednesday afternoon, next to a press briefing, Democracy Quebec (DQ) leader Jean Rousseau scoffed. “This is a recognition of Democracy Quebec’s vision. Mr Gosselin has adopted a part of our program. It has had a great impact on me.

When asked about the fourth link in the East, Mr Russo added that it was “premature” and “not a serious study showing the need.”

More generally, when it comes to public transportation Mr. Gosselin is the head of the DQ judges who have a “credibility deficit”.

Marchand attacked Gosselin

Quebec Strong and Pride (QFF) leader Bruno Marchand also attacked the credibility of the Quebec 21 leader.

“Mr. Gosselin wants to switch to Infoman. I think that’s his goal, he’s frustrated. The government has a project trying to define and we have already reached the extra link! Who will pay for it? What are the costs? What is the difficulty?”

The head of QFF said, “Mr. Gosselin has specifically defamed the entire project that his tunnel has to offer.” Bruno Marchand should also have listened to Quebec 21’s proposal on Wednesday morning with Prime Minister Franois Legalt “choking on his sip of coffee”.

For Lewis Meyer, Gilles Lehoulier, a serious defender of the government-proposed Third Link project, Mr. Gosselin’s idea is to “combine things”. “The government has seen the eastern scene. […] For us, the government has made the decision and we agree. If the government does not say: “We think this is great”. But I don’t think it will be that way. ”

– In collaboration with Vincent Laurin and Thaneb Molla

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