May 24, 2022

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Mandatory Overtime | “It takes a lot of people to get rid of it,” Christian Dubey said

Mandatory Overtime |  "It takes a lot of people to get rid of it," Christian Dubey said

(Quebec) Health Minister Christian Dubey has said he wants to remove the popular compulsory overtime (TSO), but said it “takes people.”

Caroline Plante
Canadian Press

On Friday, the Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec (FIQ) sent him an official notice to end OST’s “abuse” by November 15.

If nothing is done by this date, FIQ certifies that all appropriate or necessary remedies will be taken without further notice or delay.

In a press scrutiny in Malartic, in abbtb-temiscomming, Mr Dubey promised to share union goals. “I found that good, we ask the same thing,” he responded.

“This is mentioned in the collective agreement, we do not want TSOs anymore. When FIQ is saying today, I say:” Yes, we agree “.

Now, the recipe is not complicated, it takes people. […] My challenge is to find solutions, and one of the solutions is to find staff

Christian Dubey, Minister of Health

Referring to the “serious” situation in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Minister Dubey reiterated his goal of attracting 4,000 nurses to the network in the coming months.

For example, he said nursing staff want to improve working conditions to take into account the work-family balance.

“We put in a lot of money and people tell us, ‘It’s not just money. Tell us there’s a change of culture.'”

In the meantime, the minister said some managers had no choice but to “restructure” the services.

The same thing will happen in the Senator, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, where the emergency will be partially closed by Monday.

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Services are provided only from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Outside of these hours, patients have to travel dozens of kilometers to Val-d’Or or Amos.

“After seeing all this, I agree 100% with the solution there,” Mr Dubey said, adding that the situation was “temporary” and it was time to hire 250 nurses in the area.

The Minister encouraged each of the parties concerned to “add water to their wine” in an effort to find other innovative solutions.

The party Cubacois (PQ) on Thursday called for Christian Dubey’s personal intervention to handle all services in the Senate.

PQ’s parliamentary leader, Joel Arseneu, argued that the reduction in services would further hamper other emergencies in the region and endanger public health and safety.