May 24, 2022

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The expression “unused territory” is prohibited for NB’s provincial employees.

The expression "unused territory" is prohibited for NB's provincial employees.

The Attorney General and the Minister of Justice and Public Safety in a note distributed to all government staff on Thursday contained the request, Hugh J. Fleming.

The minister explained that New Brunswick is the subject of various legal actions brought by local communities claiming more than 60% of the territory.

In this case, Mr. adds Fleming, Government Legal Advisers and the Attorney General’s Office believe that government employees should not identify territories or titles during or in writing.

Attorney General Hugh J. Fleming asks all New Brunswick officials to stop talking about the “unused” territory (archives).

Photo: CBC / Jacques Poitras

Instead, the government imposes the following principle approved by the Office of Protocol:

We respectfully acknowledge (I agree) that the land we have acquired is part of the ancestral lands of Volastoki, Migmav and Peskotomuhkati. As we embark on the path of collective healing and true reconciliation and as we honor these beautiful lands together we make every effort to establish a dignified partnership with all the people of the Province.

It is important not to modify this formula, Minister Underline Fleming To the employees in his note.

A formula is strongly condemned

The six heads of the Volastoki First Nation of New Brunswick quickly condemned the order.

In a press release sent on Friday, he said they were disappointed.

The move, which bans New Brunswick government employees from issuing land identification, is in response to a Volastoki land lawsuit. We had to sue because the government ignored our rights. In response, the province seeks to further infringe on our rights and erases us from the history of the province., Can we read.

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Shelley Sabatis, Oromokto First Nation Chief, believes the move is a big step backwards.

We are going backwards and there is no communication. Above all it is important to identify the land. We helped these European settlers when they came here. We contributed to their survival, Confirms Shelley Sabatis During the interview with CBC.

It is important to tell people that this is actually our territory. We have been here since ancient times. We are always here.

A quote from:Shelley Sabatis, Oromokto First Nation Chief

Shelley Sabatis Volastoki insisted that the lawsuit brought by the First Nation communities was not intended to make money or exploit anyone.

Volastoki, we have tried for decades to discuss many issues with the regional government and nothing has changed. All have relations with the government and are on an equal footing with the New Brunswick delegation., She says.

Chef Shelley Sabatis

Shelly Sabatis, chief of the Oromokto First Nation, condemned the orders sent to the authorities (archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Michelle Corrie

Mrs. Sabbaticals The Minister adds that the Chiefs will be consulted on the procedure to be followed after the note Fleming.

Colonialism, according to a deputy

Green MP for Kent-North, Kevin Arsenal accuses the government of not telling the whole truth and asks the authorities to ignore the minister’s note.

For me it is [relève] The attempt to rewrite colonialism and history is very insulting and very disrespectful. In addition, we included teachers and childhood educators. There, we will finally stop teaching the covenants, telling the truth in the process of truth and reconciliation. […] I was shocked, Opened Kevin Arseni in an interview granted Friday for the show In the morning, From ICI Academy.

I, I stand firm in promoting civil disobedience here. We must keep telling the truth.

A quote from:Kevin Arseniu, Green Party MP for Kent-North

Lawyer and businessman Vicky Wallace-Gadbout, at Edmundston, Responded to a similar message from the deputy Twitter By calling the government’s new formula shameful.

Green Party leader and Fredericton South MP, David Coon, Did not hesitate to use the expression Did not give up In a message Twitter Published Thursday evening.

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