March 21, 2023

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Jadina feature Garland de Nine

Jadina feature Garland de Nine

Red Wings forward Philippe Zadina used a derogatory term to describe Vancouver Connexion rival Connor Garland after his team won 3-1 in Detroit on Saturday night.

It was the check on the back of the garland at the end of the third period that disturbed the check.

“I ‘m trying to get the puck and he’s given me a reverse hit, I guess. For the dwarf, it’s very common for him to use this kind of tactics, because I do not think he’s strong enough to fight each other with me,” Zadina told the media at the end of the meeting.

Although he is young by NHL standards, Garland is 5’10 “tall, above average in both Canada and the United States.

Watch Jadina’s statement in the video below.

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