May 24, 2022

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4th setback for Canadians: “No zero effort”, says frustrated Jeff Petrie

4th setback for Canadians: "No zero effort", says frustrated Jeff Petrie

Jeff Petrie is a calm person by nature. But he is faltering as he appears on the podium after losing 5-0 to the San Jose Sharks.

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“I can not explain it. We knew they would come out forcibly, they were all in the snow, but we were not there. There was no support. We made it easy for them. They got out of their zone easily and they skated well in the neutral zone. That’s all. It was frustrating. After games, we ‘ve already played two games. For half of our games, there is zero effort. It’s frustrating.

– Jeff Petrie

One goal against Maple Leaf, one goal against Sabers, one goal against Rangers and no goal against Sharks. A great mathematician reaches a total of three goals after four games. In contrast, CH conceded 15 goals after four games. In Petrie’s view, the solution to starting a team re-art is in a simple game.

“We play in five units. We’ve not going anywhere playing like this. Everyone has to work hard. We have to simplify our game, go with a more serious game. For now, we’re out. There are a lot of things that need to be improved. We do not score goals and we give a lot of opportunities. “

– Jeff Petrie

There are only 16,095 fans for this game against sharks. Brendan Gallagher provided a simple solution to win the hearts of the spectators who boosted their team tremendously in the final minutes.

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“I’m there. You two have won and they will come back. As players, we have a chance to change that, to fix what’s going on. They harassed us. But I’m in my 10thE Season in Montreal. This is always a challenge when you face such a situation, but you have to trust the players inside the locker room. We have things to improve and we will start working on them tomorrow. Supporters’ response varies. “

– Brendan Gallagher

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