May 24, 2022

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Washing a surgical mask is even better than a cloth mask

Washing a surgical mask is even better than a cloth mask

Policy masks are found among the ruins in all cities. However, a team of French researchers revealed that these discarded masks are still effective.

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“These masks are made of plastic, polypropylene and we’re shown that we can wash them 10 times without losing breathable or filter quality,” explained Jean-Pierre Alcaraj, a design engineer at the University’s TIMC lab. Grenoble Alps at Richard Martino’s microphone on QUB Radio.

Easy to wash: All you have to do is wash the masks by machine or by hand, says the engineer. To minimize risks, it is advisable to prioritize a procedural mask.

“What we have shown is that these fabric masks work less than surgical masks, they are 90% filtered, they are safe and they are five times better protected. Will do, ”Mr. Alkaraj added.

If rinsed, and then sterilized, the masks can also be worn by another person. However, this practice should be tested on a large scale before being applied on a large scale.

However, these recommendations do not apply to N95 masks.

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