May 28, 2022

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“Difficult choices” during the mini-budget

"Difficult choices" during the mini-budget

By the end of the mini-budget scheduled for next month, some ministries will have to tighten their belts to provide the same public services to citizens.

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“We are not in austerity, we are in efficiency,” Treasury Board President Sonia Label said during a press scrum this morning.

She agreed that the government should impose sanctions on other sectors due to the post-epidemic economic situation in Quebec, investment in health and rising cost of living.

Finance Minister Eric Girard

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Burgard

Finance Minister Eric Girard

“We have already been in this perspective since the beginning of our mandate. We must understand that we are not cutting budgets. But, services must remain the same. We are talking about efficiency,” he said.To me Label. “With less money, do the same things.”

So the government has to make difficult choices. “Administration is always a matter of choice,” said Consul du Trieser.

Towards gels

Finance Minister Eric Girard confirmed that the priorities of the Caucasus government are health, education and the economy.

“If we have a high growth rate in health, we will have a low growth rate for other missions. But, overall, all budget items will continue to grow,” the minister assured.

Already in the last budget, the evolution of health and education spending in 2022-2023 provided growth of 3% to 4%. However, for other portfolios, the Quebec government expects a 0.2% reduction over the same period.

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The minister excluded raising the tax burden to finance these services.

In contrast, the government will also introduce cuts in its November mini-budget to mitigate the rising cost of living for cubs due to high inflation.

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