June 7, 2023

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Trump launched his social network

Trump launched his social network

We talk a lot New social network announced by Donald Trump Wednesday evening. The name “Truth”, along with the truth and general sophistication, I took a keen interest in the 45s initiativeE President.

We must first question the seriousness of the project. Ever since he moved away from Twitter and Facebook, Donald Trump’s vision has been low. Multiplying his favorite biased meetings, his scope of activities and his statements are much more limited than before.

After the failure of his blog and the long delays that led to his announcement on Wednesday, we hope to be even better and better together. After first trying to partner with other platforms, Trump decided to venture out on his own. If you like the details, you will be disappointed. Are you waiting for the official launch in November to learn more?

While waiting for something more substantial to establish the credibility of the project, two things aroused my curiosity. First, the issue of freedom of expression. Like Trump, Twitter and Facebook played big by removing the US president. If one examines the questionable arguments of all the people who speak on social media, one can undoubtedly find many who write things that are comparable to what Trump has criticized, if not worse.

The other question that interests me is the real support available to the former president. It goes without saying that he is still an inescapable political force. He could also argue that he would lead many Republicans elected from Mar-a-Lago. However, being a political force, you will not become a successful presidential candidate in 2024. In 2020 he received over 70 million votes, but he lost as Biden crossed the milestone. 80 million.

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When it comes to freedom of expression, I’m one of those people who is afraid to control social networks because they play in all fields. It is true that they are private companies and they can impose their own rules, but they have such an impact in the political arena that it becomes difficult to draw the line. When Twitter was transmitting messages from the Taliban but blocked Trump, something went wrong and it was legal to suspect.

I can’t wait to see how seriously the Donald Trump team maintains this freedom of expression. Although the information we have is scattered, we already know that comments that demean the site or tarnish its image will be prohibited on the platform. For freedom of expression, we look elsewhere. At the very least, it doesn’t look any better than he blames Facebook and Twitter.

If the platform really shines, I wonder if it has not had the opposite effect of what Donald Trump had hoped for. I have no doubt that its supporters who are eagerly awaiting the Messiah’s guidance – its famous firm base – will join the site, but it will take longer than that.

Through Facebook or Twitter, Trump reached a much larger audience. Because the media is also on these platforms, they broadcast a lot of controversial ads to feed the news bulletins, but also broadcast countless opinions on all networks.

If undecided or Donald Trump’s opponents do not join his platform, 45E The President will be reduced to the management of the Echo Chamber. If he can make the operation financially profitable, he will fail to get the ground he needs to win in 2024.

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Here! This is not my favorite thing and I want Donald Trump to stay away from politics, but he will stay for a while. The success or failure of the truth may be an indicator of how long he has been.