May 24, 2022

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The Razr Kraken V3 offers its new glowing gaming headset


With this colorful headset, the Razr continues to bring new accessories to its customers with the Razor Kraken V3.

For razor video game lovers, the mice are related to games, including accessories ranging from keyboards to headphones. Since the birth of online games, it has been essential for any player to have a headset to hear both the sound of the game and the voice exchanges between players. To engage in these conversations, gaming headsets such as the Razr Kraken V3 have a microphone that captures the player’s voice and allows them to exchange with his party members.

With this new headset, the razor delivers a very successful product that features SoundSurrender 7.1 technology to deliver virtually unmatched sound quality. The latter is driven into the player’s ears by 50-millimeter titanium speakers according to the so-called model Razor Force. Razor assures us that this unique three-part composition achieves very precise sounds in both high and low frequency encies.

Comfortable headset with high-level microphone

Another important thing when we talk about gaming headset is its convenience. Players are often worn for hours, so the headset should not get in the way. With pads designed in hybrid fabric and covered with fox leather, the razor restores what the browser knows best to do. Like many headphones today, this new model is shaped to fit all body types and further enhances player comfort during their gaming sessions.

But as mentioned above, listening well is one thing, but gaming headsets are unique in that they have a microphone for full use. And often the majority of products on this topic disappoint players. In fact, brands always have to compromise on aesthetics, by providing a microphone in the earpiece, by providing a low noise or boom microphone, as in a razor, the capture seems to benefit, but not everyone likes it.

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But for the American company, it chose the sound quality, and therefore gives way to itself with a microphone that claims to have “incomparable clarity”. It is necessary to see the result during the first tests, but the razor is very confident in terms of its product quality.

The Razor Kraken V3 is already available on the brand’s official website for 109.99.