May 28, 2022

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COP26 | Between Dances and Model Student

COP26 |  Between Dances and Model Student

One country, only one country has a climate plan in line with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 C. Others have roadmaps that lead to a large increase. Among them, major emitters and some dunes‌ are particularly stressed at COP26. Overview.

Jean-Thomas Léveillé

Jean-Thomas Léveillé

United States

Photo by Nicholas Cum, France-Press Agency

US President Joe Biden

Eddie Perez of the Climate Action Network Canada said the first United Nations climate conference since Donald Trump left the US presidency was COP26. He hopes President Joe Biden will make an impression. “The United States wants to score points, they are catching on,” he said, stressing that the country, the second largest emitter in the world, has great potential for impact.

Estimation of the effect of the announced commitments on the average temperature in 2100

+ 2 C to + 3 C

Inadequate commitments

Infographic pressure

Effect of declared commitments


Photo Archives Associated Press

Coal-fired power plant in Nanjing on September 27, the capital of Jiangsu Province in eastern China

China, the world’s largest emitter, is clearly a matter of high expectations. “I can not hide behind the fact that this is a developing country,” said Annie Chalox of Sherbrook University. President Xi Jinping announced in September to the UN General Assembly that China would suspend the construction of coal-fired power plants abroad, but more ambitious measures are expected.


+ 3 C to + 4 C

Too inadequate commitments


Photo Gautam Day, Agency France-Press Archives

Workers busy loading a truck with coal on October 14 in Raria, northeast India, one of the richest coal deposits in the country.

India, still, relies on coal development and “is slow to implement structural policies,” Annie Chalox said. New Delhi did not offer new discount targets this year, as stipulated in the Paris Agreement, but could do so in Glasgow. Eddie Perez believes that India should specifically raise “unconditional targets” on emissions, as opposed to conditional reductions on international financing.

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+ 3 C to + 4 C

Too inadequate commitments


Photo by Alexei Drujinin, Archives Associated Press

Russian President Vladimir Putin

The climate has long been associated with the inactive camp, and Russia now wants to take action. President Vladimir Putin announced this month that his country, China’s fourth largest emitter and major producer of hydrocarbons, is targeting carbon neutrality by 2060. On a daily basis, Moscow is preparing a more powerful environmental strategy, including the gradual abandonment of coal as a source of electricity. Commersant.


+ 4 C to + 5 C

Seriously inadequate commitments


Photo by Andre Penner, Archives Associated Press

In August 2020, wildfires erupted in the Brazilian Amazon near Novo Progresso in the state of Para. Deforestation has reached records on the Amazon in recent years.

Everyone’s focus is on Brazil, which is experiencing “unheard of climate change” and “terrible deforestation”, says Eddie Perez. “It simply came to our notice then [et de gouvernement] We are committed to tackling deforestation and there will be discussions on increasing financing for nature, ”he said.


+ 3 C to + 4 C

Too inadequate commitments


Photo by Rob Griffith, Archives Associated Press

Coal mine near Narrabri, West New South Wales, Australia

Slightly lower on the list of countries emitting greenhouse gases, Australia is still the last of the advanced countries to exhibit very little ambition. [climatique] , Eddie Perez said, referring to Canberra’s interest in coal and its limited contribution to climate finance. “He’s been our Stephen Harper since a few years ago,” Annie Chaloux added, recalling that the former Canadian prime minister did not stand by his climate policies.

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+ 3 C to + 4 C

Too inadequate commitments


Photo by Eskinder Debab, Archives Associated Press

The president of The Gambia, Adama Borough, is speaking via video conference at 75E United Nations General Assembly session in New York in September 2020.

Gambia, a small African country virtually landlocked in Senegal, is only one of 191 states part of the Paris Agreement, which has a favorable plan aimed at limiting global warming to 1.5 C. Climate action tracker analysis by an independent scientific organization. Eddie Perez sees “great irony” in the fact that a country with fewer resources does a lot more than countries like Canada.


0 C to + 1 C

Commitments in accordance with the Paris Agreement


Global GHG emissions are produced by the United States, China and the European Union trio


The 100 countries that emit at least GHG account for 3% of global emissions

Source: Climate Watch