September 29, 2022

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CAQ Abandoned Gem

CAQ Abandoned Gem

After three years in power, Maison, one of the rare witnesses to the French rule in Quebec, sold into the private interests of Chevalier, and the Quakist mania that justifies inaction by accusing the previous government of becoming simply drinkable.

Many historians and heritage lovers across Quebec have protested the sale of the building to the Tongue Group for an undisclosed amount. The petition, initiated by the Society Historic de Quebec (SHQ) and PQ, collected nearly 1,000 names.

The company, which is very involved in its community, is not with bad intentions. We want to allow public access and the classification of the building comes with several conservation responsibilities.

Unique gem

As SHQ has expressed, depending on our identity and its importance to our heritage, this building worth 2.2 million should not leave the bosom of the state of Quebec.

Built in 1683, Maison Chevalier suffered heavy casualties during the British bombings, before capturing Quebec in 1759. After becoming a commercial profession, it was saved from decay by the Duplessis government in 1956 and classified as a historical monument. It is the jewel of the famous Place-Royal in Quebec, the cradle of New France.

At break

In fact, amid austerity measures, the Liberal government authorized the sale of the building three years ago, after cutting its funding. However, the Legal government may go back and reflect and discuss with the community. Heritage Minister Nathalie Roy’s explanations this week are credible.

Destiny We also learned on Friday that Cooperative du Quartier Petit-Champlain, which is tasked with preserving heritage heritage in Old Quebec, has expressed its interest, but it has been ignored. For a “nationalist” government that claims to want to do things differently, we come back.

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