May 18, 2022

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Members of the New Brunswick Public Sector Union went on strike

Members of the New Brunswick Public Sector Union went on strike

In a statement titled “Call for strike”, Communications spokesman SCFP Simon O’Leary suggests that the first picket lines will be at 6 a.m. Friday.

The SCFP Union members were instructed to go to one of the union’s 22 strike offices across the province for information and supplies.

In Edmundston, union members are asking motorists for support.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bernard Label

At present the strike is not normal. Seven locals walked out on Friday.

Daniel Boucher Local 1252, Member of the Council of Hospital Unions. He said he had instructed his section not to strike this morning.

No hospital hit this morning […] But we are in solidarity with all of our colleagues from other local departments who have started, Said Mr. Boucher.

All schools were closed

The directors of the three Francophone districts indicated that the schools would be closed on Friday and that the day of activity would take place.

Two school buses in the parking lot.

Bus drivers are represented by CUPE.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bernard Label

Schools in English-speaking fields will also be closed.

Ellis Richard, CUPE Local 2745 Member, Librarian at École Antonine Maillet. She said she understood the frustration of families as children celebrate Halloween on Friday.

We are too frustrated to do our job of caring, not to be at our posts. We are sorry for disturbing so many families. But we have reached a corner where we have no other choice, Explains Mrs. Richard.

Although teachers are not members SCFP, The lack of bus drivers, guards and administrative staff can have a significant impact on the proper functioning of schools.

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Interviewed on the show In the morningEducation Minister Dominic Cardi said he supported the labor movement, but urged officials to give appropriate advice to school leaders.

There is a way to do that. Giving parents, students, and school teams a little time will not diminish at all [droit] Strike […] But at the same time we are preparing a vaccination campaign for children aged 5 to 12 years, what impact will it have?, The minister was concerned that he was not sitting in the negotiating committee.

The ministry is committed to communicating with parents over the weekend to determine if schools are open Monday. In case of closure, learning will take place at home, the minister assured.

Decreasing government offer

On October 27, union members announced that public sector workers were on strike Imminent.

The new stalemate came just three days after the resumption of brief talks with the Higgs government on October 24.

The question of wages is one of the main points that both parties do not agree on. When it was announced this week that the strike was imminent, union members said the government was offering a 2% increase over the next five years and a 3% increase over the next four years.

Prime Minister Blaine Higgs at a press conference on October 21, 2021.

Prime Minister Blaine Higgs has said she is ready to introduce an emergency law to prevent strike action during the epidemic.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The government offer was cut to 8.5% in five years on Thursday afternoon. Instead, the regional government is offering a 20% wage adjustment for ordinary workers, indicating an additional $ 8 million.

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Premier Blaine Higgs said earlier this week that he was prepared to use the current state of emergency to prevent the union from exercising its right to strike.

If it damages our schools and our health care system, it could undermine the safety and security of the people of New Brunswick. We are ready to do anything, especially with the introduction of legislation to keep New Brunswickers safe and healthy, especially by accessing the services required during the COVID-19 epidemic.The Prime Minister said in a statement on Thursday.

Many sectors were paralyzed

The SCFP There are about 20,000 workers in New Brunswick, ten of whom are locals.

People waving CUPE posters on the side of the road.

CUPE members on picket lines in Moncton on Friday morning.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Patrick LaSalle

Targeted jobs include Correctional Officers, Maintenance Workers, Care Attendants, Laboratory Assistants, Security Guards, Bus Drivers, Librarians and Mechanics.

The union says not all locals are on strike on Friday and will not reveal any sections of the picket line on Friday or the next few days. Maximum flexibility.

With information from the show In the morning