May 24, 2022

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Bisbille at PLQ: Anglade refuses to reaffirm his faith in Barrett

Bisbille at PLQ: Anglade refuses to reaffirm his faith in Barrett

The uprising shook the Liberal Party of Quebec. After deputies Mary Montpetit and Gaton Barrett withdrew their representation, leader Dominic Anglade escapes about their future in the formation.

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“I, I make decisions based on what is on the table. Now, the rest, I can not predict it, ”she announced on Philippe-Vincent Foisie’s microphone on QUB Radio on Monday.

“I want to work with people in our Caucasus who understand very well that this is a respectable question, this question of the work environment, it is very necessary to keep things going,” she added of the future of the two.

In an interview with 98.5 FM, Dominic Anglade went further about Gaton Barrett’s future on the PLQ and showed him the way.

Liberal MP Gaton Barrett

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Liberal MP Gaton Barrett

“I think we need a revival in our political structure and we need people who respect colleagues, respect their files and create a working environment. They think people should be able to work as they did. Must be in 2021,” she declared then.

Dominic Angled has also been briefed on allegations of psychological harassment targeting MP Mary Montpet.

“I was a chef for a year and I did not testify to anything […]. She said she responded whenever any file was brought to my attention, sat down with the parties, tried to find solutions and, when not resolved, imposed sanctions.

The liberal leader had to break up on Saturday after a scuffle between the two elected on the social network Twitter last week, saying the behavior was “unacceptable”.

It withdrew their relevant files from them and assumed health responsibility and handed over the Treasury Board file to Robert-Baldwin Deputy, Carlos J. Letavo.

Gaton Barrett, who was contacted for this article, declined to comment at this time.

This is not the first time Dominic Anglade has publicly rejected him.

Already, during the back-to-school caucus last September, the former minister created quite a stir in the Liberal Troop by confirming in front of journalists that he would be health minister again after the election.

Its owner, Dominic Angled, responded by announcing that she “had an excellent representative named Mary Mont‌petit at Health”.

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