May 18, 2022

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Shelley Glover called on Heather Stephenson to cancel the election

Shelley Glover called on Heather Stephenson to cancel the election

Lawyer Dave Hill, who was selected by the failed candidate, is asking Heather Stephenson to delay the swearing-in ceremony in a letter to Manitoba Lieutenant Governor Janice Fillmon.

There is a second He was elected party leader by a narrow margin of 363 votes.

Since then, Shelley Glover has not conceded defeat. In a letter to the lieutenant governor, she was informed by her lawyer that It seems that there were significant manipulations in the counting of votes, which had an impact on the result.

Accordingly, I will soon order the Court of Queens to declare the election results invalid and require a new vote. I respectfully request that Manitoba postpone the swearing in of a new Prime Minister until the Court rules on the matter.

The results were announced Saturday, PC said

Heather Stephenson will be sworn in Tuesday at 2 p.m., her campaign spokeswoman said.

The lieutenant governor executive director and private secretary said she would not comment on the leadership race.

Emmett McFarlane, an associate professor of political science at the University of Waterloo, said the swearing-in of a lieutenant governor or governor general had never been delayed in the past. Confirming that It is against their character.

McFarlane said the courts could theoretically intervene, but they were unlikely to do so.

There should be serious and systematic irregularities in the electoral process. The parties have the right to have their arguments heard in court., He said the judiciary was careful not to interfere in the internal processes of political parties.

In the case of the Progressive Conservative Party, the results were announced on Saturday, a spokesman said.

On the same day, the leader’s selection committee chairman, George Orley, denied that ballots had been distributed to some party members.

For their part, Heather Stephenson and Shelley Glover campaign teams said Wednesday that at least 1,500 of the 25,000 activists did not get a ballot.

Any statement that there are no envelopes or not distributed is incorrect, Assured George Orley on Saturday.

Not surprisingly challenging

Felix Matthew, a professor of political science at the University of Winnipeg, was not surprised by the controversy over the vote.

In view of the results of the most strenuous votes, the division, the internal protest, if it did not come directly from Shelley Glover, it seemed inevitable that it would come from his clan., He says.

According to him, this is legal for Shelley Glover Highlight some irregularities in the process Although he is The party is not likely to question the outcome of the vote .

According to Mr. Mathew, the The party behind the winning Heather Stephenson is already clearly in line.

To unite the party, he hopes Heather Stephenson could suggest Shelley Glover to run for the vacant seat of former MP and Prime Minister Brian Polyester in the Fort White constituency.

However, she is not sure if Mrs. Glover wants to take this path in the eyes of the people as she is willing to give herself the post of Prime Minister.

Kelvin Gortzen has stepped down as prime minister

Kelvin G‌rtgen has resigned as caretaker Prime Minister and submitted to the Lieutenant Governor. It will come into effect from tomorrow.

In a statement, Mr. Goetzen said he was honored to be able to serve the people as the 23rd Prime Minister of the province, despite his short tenure. It started in early September.

My goal is to bring calm and stability to the government during this transitional period as we face the challenges of the epidemic and plan for strong economic and social recovery. I wanted to revive and rebuild the relations that had certainly been weakened by the epidemic and see to it that these conversations inspired the next Prime Minister., He announced.

He argues that his successor is Heather Stephenson Serve the Manitobans well with his experience, intelligence and compassion.

With information from Bartley Kievs

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