May 28, 2022

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Allegations of psychological harassment | Mary Montpett was excluded from the Liberal Caucus

Allegations of psychological harassment |  Mary Montpett was excluded from the Liberal Caucus

(Quebec) Liberal Party of Quebec leader Dominic Angled showed the door to his MP Mary Montpetit on Monday. In an interview, she stated that Gaton Barrett had not yet demonstrated that he had the behavior needed to be part of his team of candidates in the next election.

Tommy Chaunard

Tommy Chaunard

Those elected in Maurice-Richard were expelled from the Liberal Assembly for providing “disturbing new information” obtained by the party and allegations of psychological harassment and intimidation of the deputy.

Tap M revealed on MondayMe Angled received a written complaint of psychological harassment against Mr.Me Montpet, learned of similar allegations against her.

This information, the chief learned on Thursday, Mr.Me His position as a representative of Montpetit Health. The decision was not only explained by the controversy last week, a famous tweet by Maurice-Richard’s deputy criticizing the attitude of his colleague Gaton Barrett – the latter also lost his responsibilities in the affair.

Harassment Testimonials‌

Tap Mary Montpett collected four testimonies alleging that they had been mentally abused. These were political employees who worked with her in the opposition, but even when she was Minister of Culture and Communications at the end of the Coulard government mandate. Another source confirmed that the MP had informed party officials about the offensive behavior and unacceptable remarks made by him towards political personnel in recent months. These individuals requested anonymity for fear of retaliation or damage to their careers.

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According to the evidence, MMe Montpet, for example, humiliates employees, treats them as incompetent, yells at them and addresses them with sacraments. According to the sources of the consultation, these are not repetitive actions and isolated incidents.

A few hours before the decision is made to exclude MMe Said Dominic Anglade, Montpet of the Liberal Caucus Tap She received additional information “every hour” regarding the Maurice-Richard member and said “the situation is very serious”. She is already saying that expulsion is “a choice on the table”.

I want the message to be clear and understandable to everyone […] Anything that is healthy but tolerable is null.

Dominic Anglade, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

In the middle of the afternoon, at the request of the head, Caucus Chairman Pierre Arcond Mr.Me Withdraw from the Montpetit Caucus. If not, she will be kicked out. However, she is now excluded from the Caucasus. The request for an interview was rejected by the member.

Dominic Anglade admitted that he had previously known about the allegations against Mr.Me For the past few months in Montpetit, the member has kept “unacceptable words” and “requires interventions”. “Every time I found out about something, follow-ups were made,” she continued. “I acted every time. She was satisfied with the usual things and did not explain the steps taken at that time. “We sit with the people, we try to resolve the conflict, we try to find solutions. And we see how things are developing. ”

Gaton Barrett

In addition, Dominic Anglade La Pioneer’s deputy, Gaton Barrett, stated that he had the behavior needed to be a candidate in the general election, and that he had not yet demonstrated in less than a year.

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At the party, she wants people who “want to cooperate” and “work as a team,” she replied when she wanted Mr. Barrett to be on her side in the election. “This is behavior I want to see,” she insisted. “I imposed sanctions this week” against Mr. Barrett, “so it sets the tone slightly.” “There would have been no permission if he had performed” by Mr. Barrett that he had the desired behavior.

After clear comments from a liberal leader at Paul Arcand’s microphone on 98.5 FM in the morning, Gaton Barrett wrote on Twitter, Mr.Me Angled did not inform him of “any complaints / allegations about staff relationship issues”. “What he says is true and in any case, I did not want to say anything,” the chef explained. Tap. She did not blame him for this tweet. “If he makes it clear, I have no share with it.” ”