March 21, 2023

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Premier Heather Stephenson vowed to listen to monitobones

The 51-year-old politician was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party on Saturday. She was also the first woman to serve as Manitoba Premier.

Heather Stephenson began her first media availability in her new role without speech or announcement; She simply told reporters: Questions?.

She was questioned about a number of issues with ink flow, including reconciliation with local people, educational reforms, the University of Manitoba faculty strike and the COVID-19 pandemic.

To most questions, she replied that she had not yet received a briefing or should contact her caucus, which she planned to do on Wednesday.

However, Stephenson repeatedly stressed at a press conference that she wanted to hear the monitobans.

Monitobones have been around for a long time, so this is exactly what Manitobones really want, Announced the Prime Minister. The Progressive Conservative Party, which has been in power since 2016, has twice been elected under former leader Brian Polyester.

Look for Balance In health prescriptions

Although Ms Stephenson was reluctant to comment on the specific actions she would like to take in relation to the epidemic, she said she wanted balanced health rules.

Obviously, I keep listening to the advice of the Province Chief Medical Officer. [mais aussi] Listen to the monitobans experiencing the negative effect of closure, She says.

Heather Stephenson was joined by husband Jason, son Tommy and daughter Victoria before being sworn in as premier in the Manitoba Legislature on November 2, 2021.

Photo: Canadian Press / David Lipnovsky

I will take any steps to make sure we are open [et que l’on évite un nouveau confinement], Says Heather Stephenson. She adds that she hopes to meet with Chief Medical Officer of Health Brent Rousin in the coming days for a briefing.

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Premier believes that the province’s critical care capacity needs to be increased, and that the shortage of nursing is the biggest obstacle to achieving this goal.

Resumption of parliamentary proceedings in November

Heather Stephenson said she would discuss the resumption date with her Caucasus in the Manitoba Legislature at a meeting on Wednesday, announcing that date in the coming days.

She declined to comment on changes to her cabinet. There will be changes […], But I have no idea it will happen soon, She says.

NDP opposition leader Wab Kinyu has congratulated Stephenson for becoming Manitoba’s first female premier.

I want Premier Stephenson to recognize that her government cuts and plans to consolidate health care are not bad. Their budget cuts have had devastating consequences for Manitoba during the epidemic, He he said.

The election was held in court

Heather Stephenson won the Progressive Conservative Party leadership race by 363 votes over her rival Shelley Glover.

The latter did not accept defeat and filed an official complaint with the court on Tuesday to quash these results.

I am the Prime Minister, not herShelley Glover told the CBC on Tuesday.

According to official party figures, Shelley Glover received 8,042 votes, while Heather Stephenson received 8,405 votes. However, Heather Stephenson and Shelley Glover campaign groups said at least 1,200 of the 25,000 activists did not get a ballot.

The party has promised to resolve these issues before Election Day. The party reiterated in a statement on Tuesday that the elections were held impartially.

We hope that our Election Committee will talk to Ms. Glover and her advisors and, after resolving their issues, see to it that the process and outcome are handled appropriately, accurately and without bias., We can read in the declaration.

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Ms Stephenson said she was shocked and disappointed that Ms Glover had taken legal action. But, you know, I’m not focused on moving forward. The Prime Minister said she would instead use her power in the management of government files.