May 18, 2022

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Tenants subsidized by OMHQ: Other owners complain of significant loss

Tenants subsidized by OMHQ: Other owners complain of significant loss

Another homeowner stated that he had repeatedly noticed significant damage caused by some tenants in his apartments with the Office Municipal D’Habitation de Quebec (OMHQ) subsidy.

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Newspaper A homeowner in Quebec on Monday reported a statement seeking compensation after discovering several tens of thousands of dollars in damage to his home.

Mario Montmini - owner

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Mario Montmini – owner

“OMHQ wants to meet me now. I hope to find a solution, ”Mario Mont‌mini added on Monday.

Respect for the property of others

However, other owners came forward immediately.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have also been cohabiting with him for eight years. I just have a renovated house and there was another occasion where I had to wait until the person left before starting work. It’s going to be very expensive, “said Daniel Bouchard, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Immoubles HSF in Quebec City.

The Non-Profit Housing Organization owns 108 apartments and half of them are subsidized by OMHQ. The goal is to provide affordable housing for families in need. Damage is often not associated with rental casual wear and tear. Most of the time, the problem is not payment, but respect for the property of others. Ultimately, the bill will be too high.

“We have 11 specific cases of broken, messy or dirty houses, moisture, mold and cockroaches, which cost us a fortune. We have never been compensated by OMHQ, ”lamented Mr.Me Bouchard.

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Getting paid is hard

Before the Administrative Court for Housing, HSF Buildings had already won their case, but a collection agency was required to recover the sums.

“Often at the end of the year we are negative. It’s nice to see that we’re not alone. We try to stay together and see how we can behave,” Ms.Me Bouchard.

In Charlesburg, his home at Mario Montmini 48 was estimated to have suffered more than $ 70,000 in damage.E West Street. In particular, the Multiethnic Center agreed that the family in question may have been negligent.

For his part, OMHQ says it is ready for discussion.

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