May 24, 2022

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“We can not swear by the francophones in Montreal”

"We can not swear by the francophones in Montreal"

Air Canada’s Big Boss Michael Russo shows that it is possible to live in Montreal for many years without using French, using only English.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the host of the “À vos affaires” program, Pierre-Olivier Zappa, told us how we have lived in Montreal for over 14 years and speak a very approximate French. Asked Rousseau.

The CEO then asked the moderator to repeat the question in English, then answer: “I was able to live in Montreal without speaking French. This is the reality of the city. ”

“He does not lie. You can live perfectly in English only in Montreal without speaking French. We can easily ignore the francophones in Montreal,” Matthew Bock-quote commented to La Jout.

Emmanuel Latravers regrets that this man, who heads a company that is subject to official language law, did not attempt to learn French.

“We named him to say he’s a functional Frenchman. It’s a condition. And there, he comes and since his appointment, he has not made an effort, but he has not even made an effort to make sense of the two short sentences,” she laments.

Jauster also denied the fact that he did not understand French because he was asked to translate the question simply.

“Pierre-Oliver never asked him for a theory of relativity,” she says.

Listen to the full transition from “La Jout” in the video above.

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