May 28, 2023

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Professional orders must be vaccinated, Christian Dubey hopes

Professional orders must be vaccinated, Christian Dubey hopes

Lack of energy Vaccinate against health workers against COVID-19, The Minister of Health relies on professional directions to place the recalcitrant in stages.

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“It doesn’t matter if anyone on the health network, be it a nurse or a respiratory therapist, I do not understand that his professional order allows him to practice without being vaccinated,” Christian Dubey confirmed at Microphone on Philippe-Vincent Foisie on Thursday.

“I hope professional orders come out in the coming days to vaccinate their professionals,” he said.

New employees, they can’t avoid being vaccinated, Christian Dubey warned. There is now mandatory screening waiting for workers who have not been adequately vaccinated. The minister believes that the “hard core” of the rebels should be gradually shown the door.

“If we suddenly excluded them on November 15, we would have 500 reductions in services, as we saw in Senator and Lachin Hospital,” he explained. Disposing of 8,000 people and not having a serious problem in our very fragile health network is the right decision. I think people understand that. ”

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