May 24, 2022

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The back of the grid for Lance Stroll

The back of the grid for Lance Stroll

Cubeser Lance Strol has had to start the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix from behind the starting grid due to several changes made to his car.

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By making changes to his car over the weekend, the Aston Martin team driver surpassed the number of powertrain parts allowed this season. His racing car required modifications to the internal combustion engine (ICE), heat recovery system (MGU-H), turbo and electronic management system (CE).

Yuki Sunoda (Alpha Touri) will start the race on Sunday at the end of Peloton for the same reasons.

During Friday’s first free practice session, Stroll tested his new Mercedes engine by completing 27 laps at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City. His best time was 1 minute 20.030 seconds, which put him in 13th place.

“Since we thought we had to start the race from behind the grid due to the thruster block change penalties, we focused on long runs and race speed today. [vendredi], So this is a different program than usual, ”Stroll commented, his team quoted on the website.

Kubeser was 1.689 seconds slower than the best driver of the session, Valteri Bottas (Mercedes), beating his teammate Louis Hamilton by less than a tenth of a second.

Stroll’s sidekick at Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel, placed 1: 19.858 for the 10th time.

Most drivers were fast during the second practice session. The 23-year-old driver dropped a few tenths of his time, but finished only 17th. Vettel then settled for ninth place.

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“The goal is to make sure we’re in a good position to fight on the field on Sunday,” Stroll, who competed in Saturday’s qualifying, concluded.

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