May 24, 2022

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A mayor intercepted himself in the town hall

A mayor intercepted himself in the town hall

Are you not happy with the results of the municipal elections? Tell yourself it could be worse: you can live in Chambon-Saint-Croix.

The village of 400 residents in France’s cruise department is facing an unusual and tragic situation because its mayor blocked himself in the town hall, Le Parisien reported.

A few weeks ago, Mayor Jacques changed the Daily Town Hall locks to prevent other members of the Municipal Council from accessing them.

The incident was cited as a result of the crisis, especially at a hurricane council meeting last May. The next day, the mayor reportedly came to town hall with a handgun. Jacques Daily was suspended for four and a half months.

When he returned to his post this fall, the advisers and aides of Chambon-Saint-Croix did everything they could to prevent him. Against this background the mayor decided to simply barricade the building.

The administration in the municipality was paralyzed for a few weeks due to this situation.

“The mayor is burned out and it is now impossible to bring the city council around a table. I have never experienced such a situation. This is absurd!”

The mayor refused to resign and removing him was not so easy. According to Laurent Downey, only an inspired decree in the Council of Ministers can force Jacques Daily to relinquish power.

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