May 18, 2022

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Commitment of the “Parkinson Sailing Team” during the Transat Jacques Wabre

Commitment of the "Parkinson Sailing Team" during the Transat Jacques Wabre

This is an extraordinary adventure awaiting Florian Gugen and his teammate Rafael Afret! Two skiers are ready to take on the challenge and face the Atlantic bravely from November 7, when the 15th edition of Transat Jacques Wabre Normandy Le Hawre, heading to Fort-de-France Bay in Martinique, begins.

In their 40th class, they face many competitors, they have to overcome themselves and show determination and courage not to succumb to the unpredictable obstacles of the capricious sea.

After their first participation in Transat Jacques Wabre in 2019, they were taken from Le Havre to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, with Florian Gugen and Rafael Afret once again committed to the 2021 edition, this time up to Martinique. -It.

Having been a professional sailor for fifteen years, Florian Gugwen, a heartfelt challenger, was interested in raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease, which his grandfather had been suffering from for 62 years. The young professional conclave skipper France chose to take part in this legendary race wearing the colors of the Parkinson’s Association.

“Adventure, whatever it is, is nothing if it does not reflect human and solidarity values.” Florian Gugwen

Through this simple adventure, the Florian Guéguen, France Parkinson’s Association and company CGED, a giant in the distribution of electrical equipment and a long-term partner in operation, is intended to prove that it can do the same, even if it is like fighting the disease. Be the object of success. A way of shaping the attitudes and values ​​at the heart of the daily struggle waged by people with Parkinson’s disease: overcoming oneself and fighting against the symptoms experienced.

In France, an estimated 200,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease so far.

France Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s sailing team Transat Jacques Wabre will initially be in the village:

From October 29 to November 7, the Voil Parkinson-France Parkinson team welcomes you to its stand in the departure village of Le Havre Harbor.

Entertainment is also planned.

Transat Jacques Wabre: All with the “Parkinson Sailing Team”!

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With the recent purchase of the boat, the two skippers, who had spent their youth together at Conkell, set out to reach the other side and aim to keep themselves in the middle of the piloton.

France Parkinson colors are worn by Captain Florian Guigun

Tribute to his grandfather’s struggle against Parkinson’s disease since 2007, Florian Gueguin, a young connoisseur and navigator, wholeheartedly decided to embark on this new adventure. With the desire to make the disease better known and the actions taken by the community, it is only natural that he proposes to say out loud the name and colors of France Parkinson.

A true metaphor for the struggle waged by sick people, Florian’s Maritime Challenge pays tribute to them while celebrating the values ​​of mutual aid, resilience, solidarity and humanitarianism that should contribute to improving and changing patient care. For people with Parkinson’s disease, it is very often still a topic of bias.

Technical challenge and precision preparation for the Parkinson sailing team

Competition is fierce, with many boats emerging from construction with modern technologies. This is not a question of competing with them, not aligning with the boats of the 104 generation. I want to provide better visibility to France Parkinson by coming in first, but we are going step by step without shooting the steps. Budgets are not the same. After the summer work was over, after a full inspection of the boat, on September 10-12 we were allowed to take part in 40 ‘Malouin Lamotte’ to face other competitors and comb the entire boat with a fine tooth comb. », Explains Captain Florian Gueguin.

… but also a united journey inseparable from adventure

This year, we are proud to meet our goals of meeting sick people and their caregivers as part of the “Team Sailing Parkinson’s 2021” Solidarity Tour, which has allowed us to establish strong links and share the adventure with them during cruises. With about fifteen stopovers, from Saint-Malo to Saint-Jean-de-Luz, there are many opportunities to improve boat build-up and be fully ready for the departure of the race ”, exclaims Florian Guggen.

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Physical activity is a way to get better and be in control

The performance of two skippers requires excellent Parkinson’s physical condition: “Studies show that in this disease, which affects motor skills and impairs balance, keeping a healthy body is very important and regular physical activity has an effect. Explained by Professor Damier, neurologist. ” It has also been found that intense and very regular physical activity allows for a more effective replacement of the dopamine deficiency that characterizes brain disease. However, not all of us are top athletes or extreme sailors and most important of all is setting an ambitious but accessible goal. Its success is rewarding and reassuring to the patient, who then realizes that he can, with his own will, regain control over his disease.. ⁇

Parkinson’s disease: The second cause of motor disability that we do not talk enough about

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, slow and progressive disease characterized by the destruction of a specific population of dopamine neurons, neurons in the substantia nigra in the brain. Current treatments control the motor symptoms associated with the disease, but they do not affect other symptoms and the progression of the decline.

Jennifer Duborg-Brockoni, an actress who supports France Parkinson, testified to her commitment and will attend the Village on Wednesday: ” I decided to join Parkinson’s France because this community is so close to my heart. In fact, my father-in-law has had this disease for many years and this burdensome daily life made me want to help patients and research. By participating in the activities of the Association, I want to give my support to those who are with them as well: these people live, support and sometimes even dedicate their lives to people with Parkinson’s, because they need us too! We need funding to carry out research and continue our activities, so I will try to raise awareness and promote the association to ask them for their help. I also want to increase the visibility of this cause because it often focuses on the same things but there is still very little talk about Parkinson’s disease. Finally, I want to fight against the idea I have adopted, that is, you have to protect yourself when you have Parkinson’s, because on the contrary, you have to be as active as possible, which is also a way to let me know my passion for the sport. This message.

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Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in France after Alzheimer ‘1 disease, the leading cause of disability in the elderly. Rare before 45 years, the average age of diagnosis is between 55 and 65 years: 1% of those over 65 are concerned. In total, more than 200,000 people are affected in France 1 and 25,000 new cases occur each year. In France, the number of Parkinson’s patients is projected to increase by 56% by 2030 compared to 2015, with one in 120 people over the age of 45.

About France Parkinson’s

The Parkinson’s Association of France, created in 1984, is recognized as a public utility and has consumer approval of the health care system. It supports patients and their loved ones by providing hotlines, organizing information conferences and discussion groups. Frank Parkinson called on the media to raise public awareness and fight against preconceived notions about the disease. Its measures are to mobilize public authorities, especially to improve patient care. Finally, the Association supports research by providing major calls for scholarships, grants and tenders for projects dedicated to Parkinson’s disease. Departmental volunteer committees organize sports, recreational, and cultural events that are adopted at the local level and at regular meetings. As a true social link, the committees also propose measures for the relatives of the patients.