September 28, 2022

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EDward gaming team wins 2021 League of Legends Worlds!

L'équipe EDward Gaming remporte les Worlds 2021 de League of Legends !

Worlds 2021 is over!

This Saturday, November 6, marks the end of the most important League of Legends competition of the year with 22 teams vying for the title in Reykjav‌k, Iceland.

Although no European or American team has competed since the quarter-finals, we already know that the final is 100% Asian, as only one Chinese team and 3 Korean teams are still on the table.

  1. EDward Gaming (China)
  2. DWG Kia (Korea)
  3. Gen.G. (Korea)
  4. T1 (Korea)

After two semi-finals, EDward Gaming (EDG) And DAMWON Gaming (DWG Kia) They were able to get rid of their opponents with a score of 3-2 and thereby reach the final.

China team EDG Had to face the Korean team in the final DWG, And after a close match in BO5, ended up as the winner.

However, it is not easy for the mission EDG , They all faced the same DWG, Current world champions, have been able to reach the small point of victory since the middle of the game, score 2-1 In favor of them.

However, EDG Keeps constantly DWG Under stress, and can handle back 2-2, a Silver Scraps Rare in the League of Legends Worlds Finals, the last one is from 2016!

Incidentally, the origin of the name “Silver Scraps” dates back to 2012 during the 2nd edition of Worlds.

During that time, the riots during the last quarter-final at BO5 caused many technical problems. CLG EU And Team World Elite . In full live, if the score is 2-2, the final round must be restarted several times, which can be annoying to the public and the players.

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During these interruptions, which lasted for several hours, Danny McCarthy’s song “Silver Scraps” was repeated live. Thus the term “Silvers scraps” became legendary and was also the term used when it came to a 2-2 score in BO5.

Congratulations to the Chinois team EDward Gaming Who won this 11th World Edition with a respectable score? 3-2. Will be no less than the final between 2 teams 4 million viewers, A memory!

They leave with a $ 489,500 cash prize!