May 18, 2022

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Michael Rousseau Case: CAQ refuses to summon Anglo superiors

Michael Rousseau Case: CAQ refuses to summon Anglo superiors

Amidst the linguistic crisis, the Legault government on Tuesday afternoon rejected a resolution submitted by Quebec Solidair calling on executives of large companies in Quebec Inc. to explain themselves.

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“It’s good to be angry and tear your shirt and clothes off, but the time to take action is near,” Ruba Ghazal, the French language spokeswoman for Quebec Solidair, told the Journal.

“In the CAQ speech, we blame immigrants for the French decline, but when it comes to economic groups. We will not touch it,” lamented the member for Mercier.

According to the Ruba Ghazal, this “soft nationalism” of the CAQ translates as “a dual speech regarding the defense of the French language”.

Quebec Party

Among the party that supported the motion in Quebecois, the CAQ was incomprehensible.

In the Globe and the Mail, we read in a letter that CEOs do not need French if they work well, and the government does not even want to hear them, “lamented Pascal Berube, spokesman for the French language training.

“It doesn’t fix the bottom of things, but it’s a good start,” he added.

On Tuesday, when asked by Prime Minister Franois Legalt’s office why the Le Journal rejected the motion, he replied that studying Bill 96 was the most important thing right now.

“All parties have the opportunity to comment on the Air Canada CEO. The most important thing now is to continue the study of Bill 96 in the Parliamentary Committee so that we can finally take action to mitigate the French decline in Montreal, ”said Evan Sawes.

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The text of the rejected motion

“The National Assembly Institutions Committee was asked to convene the leaders of large corporations, especially Air Canada, Couche-Tard, Lawrence Bank and CGI, to formulate a picture of French usage in the heads of large corporations. And to make recommendations that would ensure the stability of French in large corporations.”