May 27, 2023

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NFL referee in the middle of a dispute

NFL referee in the middle of a dispute

The controversy erupted on Monday in the NFL when linebacker Cassius Marsh alleged that he had voluntarily approached the referee to issue him a penalty.

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In his game between the Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Marsh was eliminated in the third quarter of the opposing team. He celebrated, and then, on the way to the side, the officer backed up a little to Tony Corrante, causing the two men to collide a little. The referee immediately fined Bears for mocking the color bearer too much.

According to comments reported by The Score Site, Marsh said in a post-game conference that “on the sidewalk, the referee put out his hip and it was very clear”. If I do so to the referee or touch him, I will be removed from the game and suspended along with the fine. I think this is very inappropriate. ”

When asked about it, Corrente replied that the NFL has been paying special attention to this type of foul this season and that it has nothing to do with the contact between him and the player.

“I saw the player playing a big game, running to the opponent’s bench and believing it was ridiculous with the pose,” the referee told the NBC Sports Network.

“I think it’s clear to everyone who saw the series that I did nothing wrong,” Marsh added. I have made this celebration gesture my whole career and it is very discouraging for something like this to happen in such a close game. That’s hard. “

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The athlete’s 15-yard penalty field allowed the Steelers to make a dangerous push that ended in a goal. Pittsburgh won 29-27.

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