May 28, 2022

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Greens at Cairo Stadium like to fish in the water

Greens at Cairo Stadium like to fish in the water

Greens at Cairo Stadium like to fish in the water

Trampled last night for Greens 2E Cairo Stadium’s Lawn Both, for 2E Exercise has been a thing of the past since arriving in Egypt.

Yesterday’s session started at 4 pm (5 pm local time, Algeria time), and those who left Belmadi the previous day for a light session on the lawn at the memorable Cairo Stadium in Cairo are eligible for the full level yesterday. The session lasted over 2 hours. The national coach also gave permission to some interested people who could attend the session from a distance, and supporters were able to use this green light to follow the first 10 minutes of training in the famous Cairo’s north turn. Stadium .. EN will therefore benefit from the best possible preparatory conditions in Cairo, especially as these sessions are scheduled on the main ground of the stadium where the match will be played on Friday, with facilities made available to EN by the Egyptian Football Federation. , Which is unquestionable. We also recall Amara’s visit to Cairo, where he visited the El Jabalaya facilities, not forgetting the talks during the draw in Doha, to strengthen ties between the two federations. Arab Nations Cup, first for CEA as FAF President. One thing is for sure, this Cairo tour comes at the right time for EN who are attacking a decisive week under logically and mentally precise circumstances.


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