May 19, 2022

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Guardian Angels by Serge Theriolt

Guardian Angels by Serge Theriolt

But where is Serge Theriolt? Like many Kubeckers, documentary filmmakers Martin Fournier and Pierre-Luke Latulip asked themselves this question, the famous actor suffering from depression completely disappeared from the media landscape. In their movie Outside, serge, outside, The two directors give ground to those close to those who have been trying for years to get the actor out of his misery.

The initial idea of ​​Martin Fournier and Pierre-Luke Latulip was simply to meet Serge Theriolt‌ and share their admiration with him and, perhaps, to make a film about him. But when he came to his house in the summer of 2019, the documentary filmmakers saw his wife Anna, she was this actor Short life, Ding and dong And Goose Bar Blues Has not been out of the house for six years with severe depression.

“She told us it was impossible to meet Serge,” Peer-Luke said in an interview with Latulipi. Journal. We talked to her and she told us about her life and what she does on a daily basis. We found that she was very strong and lonely to deal with this situation. After a few meetings with her, we proposed to film her story because we loved her role as a guardian. ”


Martin Fournier and Pierre-Luke Latulip said that their documentary was not filmed without the knowledge of Serge Theriolt. The actor approved the project on the condition that he not appear on screen. Although you may have seen his picture a few times and heard him speak briefly at the end of the movie, Outside, serge, outside The 73-year-old actor’s daily interviews with four Guardian Angels, who see him daily, are all built around him: his wife, Anna Suajo, their daughter, Melina, and their neighbors and friends, Robert and Jolande Rasikot.

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“Our film is about caregivers,” Martin Fournier emphasized. We want to portray these people who are not always light, because we felt it was important to show their realism. ”

Outside, serge, outside It will be screened this Saturday at the RenContres Internationals du Documentire de Montreal and premieres on November 19.

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